Monday 31 December 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone.Still three hours to go here until midnight.We are having a quiet night in just the two of us with a bottle of wine.We never have made much of New Year.Tomorrow we are out with friends for a meal.Then I have tp prepare myself for January 9th when I have my knee op.Then 2013 will really start!

Sunday 30 December 2012

4 out of 5 grandchildren!

 I thought I would share this photo with you.Four out of five of the grandchildren ready to go out for Christmas dinner with Grandpa,my husband.From l-r Finlay 9,Angus,cool dude,6,Emily 7 and our baby Ruby 5.I won't embarass 13 yr old Ella with showing her photo.Ruby discovered a passion for Roses chocolates and was seen a lot of the time carrying the Roses tin and saying"Please can I have a rose".
 Kings College ,Cambridge.It is such a beautiful city with so many lovely buildings.
There were lots of lampposts with knitting wrapped round them and our D-in-Law said it was all over it just Cambridge or is it in other places?Living in a small market town I don't often visit cities!

Saturday 29 December 2012

Wedding Anniversary

Its our wedding anniversary today.We exchanged cards and opened cards from our children and my brother  in law.Our son had bought us a board game called Senior Moments!We're not sure how to take this but it does look like good fun.We'll give it a go later.Tradition has it that we have a drive through Snowdonia and see if Snowdon has snow on it but the weather was so awful we knew there was no point as the clouds would be down on the mountains.Instead we went to Conway,had a walk round and then went to a pub called The Mulberry for lunch.The pub is by the marina and it is in this area where the mulberry floating harbours were developed and built in WW2.There is lots of interesting memorabilia around the pub which is very informative.The weather improved and we had a short walk in Llandudno and then home.Tonight we are going out to an oriental restaurant called the Hot Wok.

Friday 28 December 2012

Xmas swap

Here is what I had in my swap box from Claire.Some Icelandic 100% wool Lopi yarn.I shall have to have a think as to what to make with this,some lovely coasters,chocs and a lovely toilet bag with goodies in it and not forgetting one of C's home made robins.Thank you Claire.
We got back from Cambridge yesterday.Unfortunately our son wasn't well when we arrived and then his wife got the dreaded lurgy but we had a lovely time.We ate out in a pub on Christmas Day(the pub William and Kate ate in when they were in Cambridge a couple of weeks ago!).It is right by the River Cam and we anxiously watched the river levels on Xmas Eve!It was lovely to have all the family together for a few days(12 of us) and to watch the grandchildren interact.More on this another day,tea is being served by my hubby.

Tuesday 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas

We have had a lovely family day.Lots of pressies,food and laughter.
Merry Christmas to everyone!

Monday 17 December 2012

My latest blanket.Secret Santa box arrived.

This my latest blanket.It is for in my "den" to brighten it up a bit.It has grown so quickly and is great thing to do on cold evenings.I am a bit OCD on blankets!!
Thank you Secret Santa.Your box has arrived and i am keeping it to open on Christmas Day in Cambridge.
Finally       HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE.Have a great time and keep well and safe.

Wednesday 12 December 2012

Isn't this beautiful?

 Isn't this beautiful?There was a row of about 6 or seven webs all covered in hoar frost.The scenery has looked lovely today with hoar frost on the trees and everywhere.
Yesterday was C's birthday.We went to Manchester to the Xmas market.This is in front of the town hall but the market spreads down several streets and into St Ann's Square.The atmosphere was lovely.We bought a few things and had the usual bratwurst and mulled wine.Then it was off to pick our granddaughters up from school and take them back home to prepare the party tea.I had two very willing helpers.After tea it was Pass the Parcel,Musical Statues and the usual dancing.Back home by 7 pm exhausted but happy after a lovely funfilled day.

Sunday 9 December 2012

Where will you be spending Christmas?

We only see our family every other xmas but this year is the one we see them.We shall travel down to Cambridge on the 23rd Dec to our son's house and stay until 26th or 27th depending on their plans.There will be 12 of us all together.Me and my hubby,our son,his wife and three children,our daughter and husband and their two children plus my brother in law who is over from Kenya.The children are 5,6,7,9 and 13 so I think there will be a lot of noise and excitement.I can't wait.To have everyone together is wonderful.We are so lucky.There must be so many lonely people at this time of year.Last year we celebrated with friends who were also not seeing family and that was fine.
So, what are you doing this year?

Sunday 25 November 2012

I could show you a photo of my black eye!

I could show you a photo of my black eye but I won't.It might spoil your Sunday.If you read my blog you will know I have been having knee problems and am waiting to have an operation on my right knee.On Thurday we ventured into Chester to do a bit of Xmas shopping.We were walking along,me being very careful, when as we turned a corner a lady coming the other way in a great hurry tripped me up.She had a shoulder bag with two straps-one on her shoulder and the other trailing on the ground.As she swung round the corner my foot got caught in it and down I head hit the pavement first but thankfully I had my specs on which cushioned me a little.I also banged said right knee and apart from a black eye have a very bruised hand and ache all over.I don't think I must have osteporosis as nothing broke but I am feeling a little sorry for myself!I now have the date of Jan 2nd for my knee op which gets me through Xmas so I am quite happy with that.
It has been a busy week.Tuesday I spent looking after our youngest granddaughter Ruby who is five.She had been sick in school on Monday and so was excluded for 48 hours.We kept her entertained but when you have done 7 45 piece jigsaws-----.We had a theatre visit to see Glengarry Glenross,a film Snows of Kilimanjaro, supper out with our group of closest friends and all the usual stuff we do during the day.We like keeping busy.
P.S.When I have been at home I have been enjoying crafting in my new "den".

Friday 9 November 2012

My latest projects.

 This is a blanket I have done for over the sofa in the lounge.It gets a lot of sun so the need to stop the sofa fading.The colours are picked out from the curtains.I love doing these squares!Joining them together is a bit of a chore.
I also love doing this zigzag crochet.It grows so quickly.This a mini blanket for Ziggy to sit on on the sofa in the dining room which is where we tend to watch TV.
I decided I needed my own room for my crafting,i padding,radio listening etc where I am not disturbed.So I am having the back bedroom(we live in a bungalow) just for me.We rarely have visitors staying so it is wasted just as a bedroom.It is going to be my den!I already have a built in cupboard where I keep my projects and my stash.I am going to buy some shelves to put all my books,patterns etc on AND it is the perfect excuse to do another throw.Last night I ordered a load of Stylecraft Special DK yarn in bright colours.This range has a huge range of colour options,is lovely and soft and cheap.I can't wait to get going.
We have had three visits to Theatr Clwyd in the last week.We saw the play Boeing Boeing in the main theatre.It is a farce and was brilliantly well done.We have also seen two films.The Bird ,a French film with English subtitles and last night The Apartment with Jack Lemmon and Shirley Maclaine.A classic which has stood the test of time.
Finally ,the police didn't find two bodies when looking for our missing vet ,they found two lots of remains miles apart .How could anyone do this.Just awful.

Sunday 4 November 2012

There is snow on Snowdon(North Wales)

I love this time of the year.A friend and I were discussing the other day whether we could live somewhere that didn't have seasons.The conclusion was that we couldn't.The Autumn colours this year have been exceptionally beautiful.What do you think?

Yesterday saw a clear blue sky so although we knew the day would be going off we headed towards Snowdonia and couldn't believe that there was snow on Mount Snowdon but also on other lower hills.I am sure this is very early for snow.As we drove through Betwys y Coed it started sleeting.It only takes us 50 minutes to get to see this wonderful scenery.From Betwys we went down to the coast at Conway,had a quick drink in Llandudno and headed for home.All done in three hours.

An update on my knee situation.I actually saw my consultant on Thursday and it isn't as bad as we feared.He was quite mystified because on the X ray everything looks normal so he is replacing the plastic bearing with a larger one and hopes that does the trick.He has to order the part making me sound like a car!The op should be done in 2-4 weeks and then hopefully we won't have to go everywhere with crutches and a wheelchair in the car.(In case the knee locks)

An update on our murdered vet.The police have found the remains of TWO bodies but have not actually said if either is the missing vet.

Saturday 20 October 2012

It is so sad.Ziggy's vet has been murdered.

Ziggy,our cat visited the vet a couple of weeks ago with a lump on his tail.The vet disappeared 8 days ago.She went home from work and was then seen on CCTV at a local supermarket.After that nothing.Her car has been found burnt out and a man from Gwynedd has been arrested on suspicion of murder.It is just so awful.We live in a small market town and just can't believe this has happened.

Saturday 6 October 2012

A Day on Anglesey,North Wales.

 As I am restricted in what I can do at the moment(we should have gone to France today but have had to cancel)we decided on a trip to Anglesey.It was blue skies when we set off but that wasn't to last.It is less than an hour to Anglesey from our house.The above photo shows the Menai Straits which divide Anglesey from the mainland.They are very treacherous waters and very fast flowing.
 Our first stop was at the above place.The longest place name in Britain,I think.With my recent Welsh lessons I can just about pronounce it!

We then went on to Rhosneigr.A lovely little place with a great beach.There was another beach with masses of surfers but we couldn't park.Just outside the village we noticed an odd looking building which said it was The Oystercatcher Bar and restaurant so in we went for lunch.What a fascinating place.The building was made in Germany and brought in 12 trucks to Rhosneigr where it was assembled.All the furniture inside was made by prisoners in Durham jail.The restaurant is run as a social enterprise.Every year they take between 12 and 18 local students who have done one year in college and give them work experience in the bar and restaurant.The food was wonderful.Any profits made go back into the scheme.It was lovely to be served by these young people.What a great idea.

From there we did a short drive to Oriel Ynys Mon(Anglesey Art Gallery) to see an exhibition by a very famous Welsh artist called Kyffin Williams who does the most marvellous paintings in both oils and water colours.It was good to get out and about with only a short walk from the car so that if my knee went C could dash and get my crutches!

Thursday 4 October 2012

This and that!

 I am just showing you what I have finished this week.I had this yarn in a giveaway from Josie Kitten.It is a very bright yellow,not a colour I would normally choose but I love it.The pattern is Dane shawl.It is sock weight wool and is very quick to knit.It is going to brighten me up over winter.
 Another quick knit is this fun tea cosy, easily knitted up in one evening.I did it to go in my new kitchen.
Here it is -the new kitchen!!We are thrilled to bits with it.
Other news.My knee seems to have settled(famous last words).I don't even have an appointment to see the consultant for five weeks and then how long will I have to wait for surgery.I am very nervous where I go.I can never be far from the car and take my crutches everywhere.
Last night I felt brave and we went to our local film theatre.We are so lucky that five minutes from home we have a theatre which also has a film theatre which shows lots of foreign films.Last night we saw The Women on the Sixth Floor.It was brilliant.Very funny.A really feel good film.It cheered me up no end.Just what I need at the moment.


Thursday 20 September 2012

It gets worse!

I saw the orthopaedic consultant thos morning and the A&E doctor had misread my x ray.The plastic between the two metal bits of my new knee has broken.The metal markerin the plastic that shows whether it is in place has moved and is on the side of my leg above my knee.This means knee revision surgery which is more complicated than the original op and takes longer to recover.They say it is urgent but how long that will be I don't know.I am gutted.

Wednesday 19 September 2012

What a strange few weeks and a visit to A&E!

 These last few weeks have been filled with having a new kitchen fitted and helping our daughter out with Emily and Ruby.Here is Ruby in her school uniform ready for school.She is the last of our grandchildren to go to school and it is quite sad because we won't get to see her during the week.We have been helping while Ruby was doing odd times and days until starting full time next Monday.She insisted on having her photo taken in front of the fireplace at her house!why?I have no idea.
While this has been happening we have had a new kitchen fitted which we are thrilled with .We have gone for ivory units and tiles and slate coloured worktops and floor.We are accessorising with red.I cannot believe the shades of red there are as we went between John Lewis,Next etc!!

 However,despite being busy with the above I have finished two projects.This scarf/stole is in Posh yarn 2ply,a mixture of merino and silk.
This again is Posh Yarn.The pattern Knitspot Summer Fun Sock.
Today has been eventful because I was in A& E at 9a.m.Four years ago I had a knee replacement and it has been brilliant-until Monday.I tried to get up from the sofa at Sarah's and my knee locked.I couldn't straighten my leg or put my foot down and was in excruciating pain.After half an hour it eased and I could walk again.It happened twice more during the evening.Yesterday evening I was putting my shoes on to go out and it happened again and lasted for two hours.I couldn't move or walk and the pain was awful.So this morning to A&E.Amazingly quick.I was seen by a doctor,X rayed,seen by t he doc again all in an hour.The X ray didn't show any damage to my artificial knee so I have to go to the fracture clinic tomorrow as a way into orthopaedic.Since the doc fiddled it hasn't locked again so here's hopong he's fixed itLife is never simple is it?This has really knocked my confidence.I am dreading driving or even going out and it happening again..
Anyone know what has happened to kathy from Postcards from the PP?

Saturday 25 August 2012

Yummy yarn!

 Just one stall
.I have been to the Woolfest just outside Chester today.All the big names were there.Posh Yarn(my favourite),Fyberspates,Laughing Hen,NDS,The Knitting Goddess,Easy Knits and a few more.I was spoiled for choice.All this lovely yarn but what is good is that you can feel it and see the true colours which you can't do on the internet.
This is my haul.From left to right.Posh yarn 2ply Sylvia(merino and silk),Betsy sock yarn(wool,silk and cashmere),Easyknit Timeless Tweed Sock Yarn(merino and Donegal Nepp),Knitting Goddess Same Difference Sock yarn(two closely matched skeins) which I am going to knit into a Wingspan shawlette/scarf and finally Rooster Lace in burnt orange.
It was lovely talking to fellow knitters  and as I only live 20 minutes away I may go again tomorrow and grab some more yummy yarn!

Thursday 2 August 2012

A little catch up

 This is a photo from our recent visit to the Loire Valley.I won't bore you with loads of photos but I thought this was a nice one.Me and C at Chenonceau.We had a gite which was very close to it and we could walk and view it across the river.A very pretty sight.We only went for a week and the weather wasn't brilliant but we had some wonderful food and drank plenty of wine.
I thought I would put this one in of my two granddaughters snuggling under my latest crocheted blanket.I have now sewn in all the end!I love this pattern.It is a Jane Brocket pattern.Emily who is seven had brought her knitting(Ruby came in saying "Em has brought her "needing nittles".Bless her).The Head at her school plus one of the mums has taught a whole group how to knit.She spent most of the day knitting.I do hope she is going to be a knitter.Sock knitting is the order of the day at the moment.It fits in with lots of Olympic TV watching!
Sunday we are off to Cambridge to "grandparent" our other three grandchildren for a week.I am just hoping we get some decent weather.

Tuesday 10 July 2012

I've just bought an i pad.Help!

I have just bought an i pad.Have you any suggestions for craft apps or any apps that might be useful.I quite like playing games so ideas for that would be good too.I am a bit concerned that all this technology takes away so many things we have treasured.We are about to go off to France for a week and we always take scrabble,boggle,cards etc.We could just play on the i pad but that wouldn't be the same so I think it will stay at home!I think I just have to prove to my family that I am not past it and can deal with an i pad and a kindle.Am I wrong?

Friday 22 June 2012

What is the weather doing with you?

What is the weather doing with you?I feel so sorry for people who are on holiday.Here in North Wales it is cold,wet,grey and windy and we have got the central heating on!Our son is at the Isle of Wight Festival which I understand is waterlogged.Such a shame.

Thursday 21 June 2012

I'm feeling quite sad tonight

No photos today.We have been to the funeral of a very dear friend today.She was our next door (but one) neighbour.She was 91 two days before she died and she was an amazing lady.A real role model for me and everyone.She had ovarian cancer when she was 84,I went with her when she was diagnosed because I was certain that would be the diagnosis.She got over that.A year ago she  got breast cancer.She overcame it all until the cancer spread to her liver.Connie was in my reading group.She only missed one.She always knew all the characters,dialogue,namesetc ,alot more than many of us umteen years younger.She ran a writers group,was a member of a drama group,studied philosophy,could email,text and until 6 weeks ago was driving.I was very close to Connie and feel really sad tonight.She was always smiling and a truly remarkable lady.My role model.Tomorrow I will celebrate her life but tonight I feel sad.( I could have done with a phone call from my daughter checking I was OK!)

Monday 11 June 2012

Just back from Spain

 We got back from Spain in the early hours of Saturday morning.What a shock we got!Driving to Malaga airport the temperature was 32 deg.We got off the plane in Liverpool and it was 9 deg.We then drove 40 minutes back home to North Wales in torrential rain.We started our Spanish trip with two days in Grenada.What a lovely city.The above photo was taken in the Alhambra.Fortunately we had booked tickets on line a few weeks ago.There were none available on the day for the Nisrid palace which is amazing.
 Look at this amazing ceiling.I could bore you with loads of photos but this is just a taster.
 We then moved on to Belamedena where we joined our daughter,son in law and our two gorgeous granddaughters(Emily 7 and Ruby 4) for ten days.Sarah had found a villa in Belamedena Pueblo,the old village up in the hills.It had three bedrooms,two bathrooms and this wonderful view from the terrace.It was just a ten minute drive to the beach but we had our own pool which the girls loved.
 This is our terrace complete with BBQ and a pizza oven.
 A typical street in the village.
A square in the village.
It was very quiet on the Costa del Sol.The beaches were empty.I don't think I would like it in July and August.The sun shone and we shared a brilliant holiday with the family.Lots of lovely memories for us to look back on.What a shame we couldn't bring the sunshine back home with us.Five weeks at home and then off to France for a week.Being retired is such hard work(not)!!

Sunday 10 June 2012

Jubilee swap

 These were in my goody box from Helen(The Fabric Laboratory).Lots of lovely yarn.I'm looking for a new project so this yarn will be my starting point.A great selection of treats.Thank you Helen.
My favourite thing was this bag made by Helen.It has just been to Spain and back with me and was very useful and beautifully made with lining and inside pockets.Fab.

Sunday 20 May 2012

Ziggy on the roof!!

On Friday Ziggy,our 7 month old kitten, discovered he could get on the roof.We live in a bungalow but with a very high pitched roof .We had a re enactment of Hitchcock's The Birds.There were about 30 crows circling him and making the most almighty racket.He went up at 9am and it was 6pm when we finally coached him down.His only was was to jump onto a flat roof at the back and then take a running leap on to the patio table.Has he learnt his lesson.No.This was him 10 minutes ago and he is still up there.His other trick is to go and sit in the middle of the road.We don't live on a main road but we have a lot of passing traffic.Should we take him back to the cat rescue and get him a safer place to live?What do you think?
Is it just my imagination or do most of us crafters on here have either cats or dogs?

Friday 18 May 2012

Hip Knits-KLM

Hip Knits aka Yarn Forward/Kerrie Allman has finally bitten the dust.I think quite a few of us saw the writing on the wall several years ago when we got our fingers burnt!

Wednesday 16 May 2012

Bodnant Garden.N.Wales

 We went to Bodnant on Saturday.This is a wonderful garden to visit,especially at this time of the year.Azalea and rhododendron time.So I am just sharing a few photos.
 No idea what happened to this one!
 What a great view.This clematis was the most wonderful shade of pink.
Another great view.Bodnant has a new(about 5 yrs ago) Head Gardener and he has made so many improvements and done masses of new planting.It is going from strengh to strengh.

Sunday 29 April 2012

I made some blankets

 At long last I have managed to get these photos to upload.They are in the wrong order but so what.A while ago I started crocheting squares using the pattern from Jane Brocket's The Gentle Art of Knitting(but it does include crochet-strange).Above is the resulting blanket.I really enjoyed doing it as the different colour combinations produced different effects.They are also very quick.
 A month or so ago I was stuck for something to do so decided to make some baby car seat blankets.The intention is to sell them for a particular charity I have been following.I used Stylecraft Special DK which is lovely and soft and comes in a huge range of colours.I have made six so far,all different.
This is my favourite.A miniature version of my bigger blanket.

Emily,our middle granddaughter, is seven today so later this afternoon we are going for a birthday tea.She has had a roller disco party with friends this lunchtime and we are the entertainment for later.We always have to have dancing.Quite a sight as you can imagine at my age.Good fun though and definitely no photos!!!

Saturday 28 April 2012

Why can't I load photos?

Why can't I load photos with the new blogger?I have them in a Picasa file but can't load them.HELP NEEDED!

Saturday 21 April 2012

Japanese Style at Ruthin Craft Centre.

We had a short trip to Ruthin Craft Centre this afternoon which is featuring the above exhibition.While this was in preparation the tsunami and earthquake took place.There was doubt that it would actually happen but all the Japanese participants wanted to go ahead.There are various displays but I am just showing you two.

Shinksuke Iwami was giving a demonstration.He was born in 1964 in Tokyo.In 1995 he moved to Mashiko which is a pottery village 60 miles north of Tokyo.It suffered considerable damage in the earthquake and tsunami and a number of kilns were destroyed.
One of the things he demonstrated was how he made teapots like the one above.He also made tea bowls which were used in the home and others that were used in tea ceremonies.He obviously doesn't speak English(or Welsh!!!) and had an interpreter who had to ask for help with words like "spout".
Some more examples of his finished work which was on sale.A small bowl was £21.
In the main exhibition area there was an amazing display of textiles.So innovative.Reiki Sudo is the creative director of Nuno textiles .She gave a talk a couple of weeks ago and I missed it.Such a shame.There were examples of all the textiles around the room which you could handle and an explanation of the process and materials used.
This is a close up of one of the fabrics.They used origami to work out how to produce and weave this material.
Other things on show were the Hale Collection of Tohukuu Ceramics.Renowned in Japan it has never been exhibited as a collection in the UK before and architectural models.

Sunday 8 April 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter.We went over to Northwich to our daughter's and after a delicious roast beef dinner it was time for the Easter egg hunt.(When will Emily have front teeth again?!!!!)Inside,with the central heating on,lovely party dresses but outside it was cold.
That's better.Cardies and coats on and all the eggs collected and shared.Great fun.After charades and other games we went to Blakemere Craft Centre.A super day enjoyed by all with lots of laughter and fun.

Tuesday 3 April 2012

Barbara has a little cat.........

Barbara has a little cat
It's paws as white as snow
And everywhere that Barbara went
The cat was sure to go
I think ,he thinks I am his mum!C has been out walking this morning so I was in the house on my own.Ziggy has just followed me everywhere.Every time I sat down he was on my knee.Every time I moved rooms he was there with me.He is like this all the time.We kept him inside until he was neutered and microchipped but now he won't go out!!

He sits on the mat and looks out but unless we actually put him out he doesn't move.If we put him out he cries to come back in.He still uses his litter tray and doesn't seem to know he can have a wee outside!He is absolutely gorgeous but is getting to be a bit of a pain.Any suggestions?