Sunday 26 July 2009


Well,I thought it would not be good!!I have put on 2lbs but i have had a lot of naughty things in the fridge with the children staying.I would have thought I would have burned up lots of calories.However,undaunted,I have started again today and expect great results this week.I am eating out at least twice but will just go for salads.Hope everyone else has better news.

Friday 24 July 2009


The grandchildren have gone home and we are exhausted!!We had a brilliant time- going to Chester zoo (5 and a half hours walking round),felt making at a local country park,Jolly Jungle play barn pot painting etc.Plus all the in house playing with Lego,Downfall,Stay Alive etc.

See above my completed Tilia shawl.It's not a very good photo but the best I can manage.It doesn't show up the beads.I don't think it is a pattern I will tackle again particularly as I have a super new book calledVictorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby.It is a lovely coffee table type book but it is full of great patterns for stoles ,shawls and scarves.

I am dreading the Sunday weigh in.My jeans tell me it will not be good news!!

Monday 20 July 2009

my shawl

I have finished my Tilia shawl.Photos when the grandkids have gone home!!

Sunday 19 July 2009

The diet!!

I have to confess that at the weigh in this morning I had put on 2lbs but I have been on holiday.Tomorrow 3 of my grandchildren come to stay until Friday so I shall be burning up hundreds of calories and hope to be able to report a weight loss next Sunday.I am going to try really hard-honest!!

Saturday 18 July 2009

Doc Martin

Here's the photo of me with the policeman from Doc Martin.We have some friends in our town and Paul was brought up in Port Isaac.We saw Jenny his wife this morning and she was so envious that we had actually seen them filming.They actually met in Port Isaac when she had a holiday job as a student.She said they are glued to every episode and are watching for a third time round.It evokes so many memories.

I am stuck on my Tilia shawl at the mo.I am on row 27 of the flowers and just can't get it right!!

Friday 17 July 2009

Back from Devon

Well, we are back a day early.The forecast for today was more rain so we decided to head home early.We also thought that the traffic would be very bad tomorrow but it still took us 6 hours today.We have had a good time and seen lots of places.It was such a shame that the place we were staying had a lovely garden and we couldn't take advantage of it because of the weather.We had an annexe to the main house with our own little bit of garden that had stream running through and even a natural small waterfall.
I did lots of knitting and finally feel I am making progress with my Tilia shawl.I used beads at the start and am now using them in the central section.I decided replacing all the nupps with beads would be too much.
Does anyone watch Doc Martin?We had a trip to Tintagel and then went on to Port Isaac.We couldn't understand what all the crowds were watching and then realised they were filming.Martin Clunes and all the cast were there and it was fascinating watching how it's done.I had my photo taken with the one who plays the policeman .
We visited lots of National Trust properties and ate their cake so I am dreading going on the scales!But I needed cheering up with all that rain!!
What about the Box?I think some people thought they were automatically in it again .So shall we do it again?

Friday 10 July 2009

Post it notes

I find post it notes very useful in charts.Just stick it below the current row and you don't get mixed up.
I met my friend this morning for coffee.She is also into knitting and had asked me to try and get her some wool in last Sunday's Posh sale.She wanted 2 lots but I only managed one.After getting over the initial shock of opening the parcel and seeing bright pink(the tissue paper) she was thrilled and I must say I wished I had kept it for myself but I couldn't be so selfish.
My Tilia is ready for going to Devon tomorrow.I am now on the second chart.I am sure it must definitely keep the Alzheimers away working it all out!!I have other things packed as well and ,yes, one day I will get back into my cross stitch.I just must stop buying wool.
I will try and be careful about my diet while away but I hope the extra exercise will balance any lapses in the diet.Watch this space when I get back for a weigh in.

Wednesday 8 July 2009

the diet!!

I have been very good and not eaten anything I shouldn't.I have cut down on portions and I have done loads of exercise.I went out with friends last night and had a salad.I have cut down on the wine.I have been so good and I stepped on the scales this morning( Iknow I should have waited ) and I had put on a lb.

Let's not think about that.My Tilia shawl is progressing very,very slowly.I like the effect of the beads.This is something new for me and I am thinking my 4 yr old granddaughter will love something with beads in it.She starts school in September and was due to go into school today and again next week and have a home visit etc but they had a message to say the teacher and her classroom assistant had been in a car accident and all these things were off.I just hope they weren't badly hurt.

Been to Chester this morning .Only intended to buy some shoes but saw a lovely top in M&S and couldn't resist it.Husband very impressed with it.It hides all my spare tyre!!

Monday 6 July 2009


Diet O.K today.I had just one slice of bread for lunch not the usual two.I left some of my potato at supper and I have been for a brisk 25 minute walk.I intend to walk twice a day but it has rained a lot .

My Tilia shawl has not progressed much.I have decided not to do nupps (thanks sarah for the offer of practical help).I am doing beads instead.Do you know someone has finished already and it looks gorgeous.How do they find the time?I don't work but have other things that interfere with knitting.My husband is out walking plus lunch tomorrow so a good chance for knitting but I must clean the house before my daughter in law comes to stay straight after we get back from Devon.

Sunday 5 July 2009

Nupps and diets

Firstly,Sarah I can't leave a comment on your blog.It keeps telling me I have an incorrect password.I am reading it though.

Secondly, nupps.I can't seem to get them even and all looking the same.I am left handed but knit right handed so that might be the problem.I am thinking of just leaving them out but I will have to undo 3 rows.Can I face it.

Thirdly, the diet.I wouldn't dare post my weight but I am ,this morning, ? stone and 13 lbs.My problem is I eat all the right things ( apart from wine) but at the wrong time.I never eat breakfast which would kickstart my metabolism and I end up the day drinking wine,all those empty calories.So those are the things I must address-have breakfast and no wine.

Please post how you are getting on with your knitting projects.

Thursday 2 July 2009

hot weather

The hot weather is really holding my knitting up.I thought i could knit and watch Wimbledon but my hands are too sticky.
I have done 9 rows of my Tilia shawl and so far so good!I have to do it in complete silence and not let my thoughts drift.
Count me in for the weight loss "thing" but we will be away a week on Sunday in Devon.Will I have to forfeit the cream teas?I think so.