Wednesday 26 February 2014

I have had a review published in this magazine.

I subscribe to newbooksmag which is a magazine for readers and reading groups.I have reviewed books for them before but havn't had the chance to do one for a while.They e mail to say what is coming up but I seem to get pipped to the post as I only tend to read e mails in the evening and by that time others have got in before me!!However, this time I hit lucky.The book I reviewed is The Ruby Slippers by Keir Alexander.It is to be published at the end of March.I get an uncorrected proof copy.You are asked to be totally honest and if you don't like it say so.Luckily I really enjoyed this book.It is set in New York and includes a number of fascinating characters- bag lady Rosa originally from Latvia who owns the ruby slippers which were worn by Judy Garland for the Wizard of Oz,Mr Markinkus of the Sunrise Deli,a bitter old billionaire and lots of others.I do recommend it.
It is quite a buzz to get your copy of the magazine and see you name in print.I really enjoy the magazine.It contains interviews with authors,reviews and every time there are free books on offer.You just pay the postage.I have had some really good reads recommended in the mag.

Wednesday 12 February 2014

Scary weather

Scary weather here in North Wales.Gale force winds are battering against the back of the house.I could hear something banging outside ,went out to investigate and two fence panels are out.We drove back earlier from our daughter's in Cheshire and what a hairy drive it was.Fallen trees,branches and debris in the road and as well as the wind ,torrential rain.It seems to be easing a little now but who knows what we will find in the garden tomorrow.Living in the flooded areas of Britain must be an absolute nightmare and no sign of it getting better.We should be driving to our son's in Cambridge on Friday(three and a half hours away) but the forecast is terrible and the river cam is rising!!!Roll on Spring.

Thursday 6 February 2014

Show and tell.

 While I have been "projectless" I have been making some of these for a hospice in Manchester.You send them in and they put a creme egg inside and sell them.I have made about 20 so far.
 Another thing I have made is a lap blanket from bits of wool left over from other projects.this will go to an old people's home.
 In one of our spare bedrooms we have two single beds with these duvets on them.Whenever our two local granddaughters come to stay,especially in the winter,I wish I had matching blankets.So you know I have an addiction to making blankets,out comes my Stylecraft Special DK colour chart.I bought this chart from Afan Crafts for £1.99 and it has been invaluable.Yarn colours on the internet can't be trusted.I have been disappointed so may times.This Stylecraft yarn comes in 55 colours,yes 55!So I chose my colours to match the duvet covers.
In this photo the colours look darker than they really are.They are a pretty good match.A new colour palette for me as well.On the other side of the covers there are stripes for when our grandsons come to stay..So I am happy .I can indulge my obsession with two more blankets.So snuggly to do in the winter watching TV.