Tuesday, 19 February 2019

My finished blanket.....

My finished blanket minus the border.I have enjoyed doing Attic 24 s CAL.Never have I done a blanket so quickly.Back now to "using up my stash" blanket..

Thursday, 14 February 2019

A Grand Day Out.

 My first attempt just disappeared so here goes a second time.
We woke up to a lovely sunny day and a good forecast so with nothing else planned we set out for the coast(North Wales) .Our first stop was at Colwyn Bay (40 minutes from home).We walked one way and then the other.There was beautiful sunshine and everyone out there walking were all very smiley.
 We had a good walk and then headed on down the coast to Conway Marina for lunch in the Mulberry pub.
This is the view from the pub.There were some amazing boats in the marina.Who owns these I wonder.People with loads of money
lunch was Mussels and a glass of lager.
(It is now not letting me scroll to add comments.Grrr)

 In the pub.

We decided not to go back up the coast but via Snowdonia.We were hoping to see lots of snow on the tops but there was only a little bit.This is on the edge of Snowdonia.
We arrived home at 3pm thinking how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful and unspoiled area of the country.We are very lucky indeed.

Thursday, 7 February 2019

How many pairs of socks does a girl need?

I think I counted 13 pairs of socks here.All newly washed and ready to wear.As you can gather I love knitting stripy socks.There does not seem to be as much stripy yarn around as previously.Any suggestions of suppliers please?
Four more stripes ( there I go again) to do on my Sweet Pea blanket before new instructions tomorrow.Then when that is finished I am going to make a blanket for the homeless/refugees using up my stash.I bought six virtual cups of coffee the other night.You pay for the coffee and volunteers from Shareaid take them out to the homeless with a message from me.Another charity I support is Lend with Care.You loan money to get people going in businesses and then they pay you back in countries like Ecuador,Rwanda The Phillipines etc.No one has defaulted and when they pay me back I lend out the money again.Not big amounts,usually £15.
Back soon.Barbara

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Sweet Pea blanket.

It is growing and I am managing to keep up.
Has anyone crocheted the animals from Edward's Menagerie.All week I have been working on an alpaca/llama from the book for Ruby..I just cannot get the head / face right.

After posting my snowy pictures on Wednesday, my day went from bad to worse.We came back from our snowy walk and had lunch.About 1 pm my O H came into the room I was in to say he didn't feel well.He was dizzy,nauseous and clammy and said he was going to bed.I took his temperature which was fine.We have to be very careful as he has no spleen.He was sick a couple of times.I am thinking that if I have to rush him to A and E we have a quite long gravel drive with 5 inches of snow on it and the prospect of minus 5 over night.So, out I went and started shovelling.I managed to get two tracks clear,had a rest and went back and did more.I managed to get the car into the garage,a very tight fit and waited.Eventually about 7 pm he started to feel better and is fine again.Fancy being ill with 5 inches of snow!!!!Bad timing and a worrying few hours.I did manage to speed read my next Book Club book.The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller.Not impressed.

We met up with Sarah,our daughter and Emily and Ruby today for a cup of coffee in John Lewis at home.I love that store.Beautiful but expensive things there.Our granddaughters are growing up so fast but are lovely girls.Very special to us.
Anyway,onwards and upwards .A new week and a busy day tomorrow.