Tuesday, 24 September 2019

My son in law has a brain tumour.

When Mike was 15 he had a brain tumour removed and was fine until he was 33 when he got another one.It is benign and not growing at the moment.It is in a place they can't reach.He is scanned every three years and at his last scan another tumour was detected.They think it is benign but have decided to remove it.He will be in hospital for five days,off work for two months but worst of all he can't drive for six months.The trouble is he is self employed and needs to drive for his job.He is a chemical engineer and visits sites all over the country.We live 45 minutes away and they have two girls who are involved in lots of activities in the evening.They are 14 and 11.Sarah ,our daughter, works three days a week.She is a Type 1 diabetic and gets very tired.What do we do? My OH can help out with local driving and we can help out financially.We are toying with the idea of renting a flat for six months so we can be on hand.We are both in our seventies and get tired too.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

To continue......

As I was saying on my blogpost (which just published itself!)I wasn’t very well while we were away.When we came back I couldn’t get an appointment at the doctors and I was in so much pain I decided to get an emergency dental appointment in case it was a tooth problem.He did an x ray which didn’t show anything but just to be sure he gave me a prescription for antibiotics.Well,he didn’t “give” it to me .The emergency appointment cost £30 and the prescription £8.This is a week ago and I am still not right.A check up at the dentists today concluded that it wasn’t a tooth problem but the antibiotics helped.Another £24 and I was in all of five minutes!!!I managed to see a nurse practicioner yesterday who has ordered loads of bloods tests tomorrow and I see a locus GP next Monday.
Do you in your area have difficulty getting appointments to see a GP or is it just here in Wales?

Now,my final question.Do you know where I can find a guide on putting pictures and captions on my blog.I manage the first one and then it is stuck .Help please.

A few photos from the Cotswolds.

 We have just had a couple of days in the Cotswolds.The above was at Croome Court(National Trust).
 This is in Broadway.Allthe buildings are in this beautiful yellow Cotswold stone.So pretty.
We visited Hidcote gardens .There is a view of the red border.



                                          Chipping Camden.

                                          Bourton on the Water.

Unfortunately I wasn't well while we were away.I had dreadful pain when I ate of drank anything