Tuesday, 28 January 2014

A week in Tenerife

We have just come back from a week in Tenerife.It is the first time we have done a Winter Sun holiday.How bizarre and almost surreal.At 7pm on Sunday evening we were in Tenerife and the temperature was in the 70's /25c.Four hours later we landed at Manchester Airport and it was 3 deg and the gritters were out!!We were very lucky in that we had great weather,a great room and a great hotel but would we do it again.I am not sure.C started with a really bad cold on Friday(his first for 5 years) which freaked him out a bit as he has no spleen and has to be very careful not to get infections.If he hadn't started there with a cold then he would have caught something coming back on the plane.Everyone was sneezing and coughing.You get people from all over Europe all bringing different bugs so perhaps we shouldn't risk it but I did enjoy a week of sun with no cooking,cleaning ,shopping etc.We did all inclusive for the first time which was wonderful until i got on the scales  this morning.far too much eating and drinking!!!The diet has started.
 This is the view from our terrace out to sea.The beach was below our room and all you could hear sitting on the terrace was the sea crashing onto the rocks and the birds singing.
 This is looking the other way towards the mountains.
                                         Hibiscus(I think)