Saturday, 26 December 2009

my xmas box

Look at the contents of my box from Sarah.Brilliant.Sarah, did you make the exquisite evening bag/purse?It really is a work of art.
I love the wool and the pattern and can't wait to get started.The wool is an even lovlier colour in daylight.A soft peach colour in cashmere,alpaca andsilk.A real treat.Sarah also sent me some beads,some chocolates and a local tea towel.
Thank you so much Sarah.I really appreciate all the thought and kindness that went into assembling the box.

Monday, 21 December 2009

the box

The box arrived today.Thank you Sarah.I am saving it until Xmas Day.Sooo exciting.Hope you are getting things organised and really enjoy Xmas.As it is only the two of us and my op being postponed we are going out for Xmas dinner so I feel very relaxed.But I would rather be frazzled and with the family.

Thursday, 17 December 2009


Well, I have got overthe disappointment of my op being cancelledand have been given a new date,Jan 4th but i will only believe it when it actually happens.We had cancelled going away and had not the enthusiasm to reinstate it.We have a restaurant in our small market town that is in the Good Food Guide.They have been booked up for Xmas daysince September but when we trid them last Thursday they had had a cancellation so at least we are going out for Xmas dinner!
What I didn't get were my 3 days in hospital with nothing to do but knit and stitchso Emily's Flower Fairy won't be finished.
I have been to my Book Group this morning but because I thought Iwasn't going to be there I hadn't read the book and only managed the first 70 pages.Never mind.We were also choosing the next set of books to read.What do you think of this list?
Small Island by Andrea Levy
Amsterdam by Ian McEwan
Miss Webster and Sherif by Patricia Duckner
Red Tent by Anita Diamant
The Angel's Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry
A middle ages crime story by CJ Sansom
That should keep me quiet for a bit!

I have also ordered a cross stitch kit today from ( a brilliant company).It is of a Doll's house and is huge.So with that ,the reading and my Debbie Abrams Blanket Club I should be kept well and truly busy while I am on crutches and recovering!!!

Hope you are not getting too frazzled about Xmas.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

my op

I am gutted.I jad a phone call to say my operation next Tuesday has been cancelled due to an emergency(???).I was all psyched up for it and was looking forward to 2010 with it all over with.C'est la vie(said with a sigh)

Sunday, 6 December 2009

good day

My box is packed and ready to post tomorrow.You have to really psyche yourself up to go to our post office in town.It is always busy,often 20 people in the queue before you and only 2 out of 5 positions open but I will do it.I will do it!!
We have had a great day today.We had a phone call last week from some old friends who live in Bristol.We havn't seen them for 6 years just the annual Xmas card and letter.They were coming to Anglesey for a few days and could they come to lunch.We just took up from where we had left off and before we knew it it was time to go back to Bristol and we had been nattering for 5 hours!Also today we had a phone call from some even older friends who live in Portsmouth.They are up here next weekend and are coming to see us onFriday.Both these couples are younger than us and both husbands were work colleagues of my gave me real lift to think that friends from the past still want to come and see us.It just shows how good friends they must have been.
I am getting a little anxious about finishing projects for Xmas.I am telling myself that I will have 4 days in hospital where I can knit.I am kind if forgetting that it is not a holiday but a major operation!Do you think I can follow a pattern if I am drugged up with painkillers.My big concern is that I may not be out for the Strictly Come Dancing final.How bad that would be!!
Roll on 2010 when it will be onwards and upwards.We have great plans for holidays next year.