Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Making decisions!

As I get older I am finding it harder to make decisions.I have never been very decisive but find now that I dilly and dally.For example.We are going to spend two nights in Cambridge this week where our son and family love,en route to a week in Northern France .Do we stay with Matt?Do we book into the Premier Inn ?If we stay with them Fin has to move out of his room into a bunk bed with Angus.He only has a double bed and we are used to king size.Both C and myself always need the toilet in the night plus I have a tickle cough.Will we disturb everyone?Decisions,decisions.Eventually I decided Premier Inn wins.We get a better sleep and no one gets disturbed .
DO you find t difficult to be decisive.This is just one small example of my indecision.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

What a busy few days!

Monday morning saw our daughter and her two daughters arrive in Mold-chez nous- for two nights.We soon set off for Llangollen going via the Horseshoe Passwhich is pretty spectacular.Into Llangollen ,visited the Wharf ,a World Heritage site, then the Art Exhibition,lunch overlooking the River Dee and then onto Froncysyllte Aqueduct.This is the tallest navigable aqueduct in the world!!After that we called at Valle Crucis Abbey and then home to recover.
Tuesday saw us off to Conway.C,Sarah,Emily and Ruby walked the walls,another WH site,looked at Edward the Firsts Conway castle,went in the Smallest House in GB,home via Llandudno and then out to eat at night.
Wednesday was a walk around our local market,a quick lunch and then off to try and find Emily school shoes.She is 12 and I can remember this when Sarah was 12.She kept saying "sorry Mum" for what she put me through!We failed and S ended up going into Chester to Schuh where she was successful.
Today.A level results.As some of you know our eldest granddaughter has had a difficult nine months suffering from depression etc.At one point we didn't think she would even do her A levels but she did and she got 3 As and 1C and has had her place at Manchester University confirmed for Sept 2018.She is having a year out ,working to earn some money and do some travelling.Phew ,what a relief.Plus, the bonus is that she will only be an hour away from us so we will,hopefully,see a lot more of her.Now she is four hours away.She is going to do American Studies.

I shall sleep well tonight.!!!

Thursday, 10 August 2017

The Last Two Days.

yesterday we had nothing fixed in our diaries so decided a trip and lunch out was needed.We went to West Kirby on the Wirral and walked round the marine lake.lots going on as it is the school hilidays.canoeing lessons,sailing,children crabbing and lots of people out walking.A breath of sea air does you good.Lunch was at the Cottage Loaf at Thurstaton.Home and a little nap.
I subscribe to a magazine called New Books.Paperbacks are reviewed and some are always on offer for free.You just pay the postage so I ordered three.Tin Man by Sarah Winman,The Returning tide by Liz Fenwick and Birdcage Walk by Helen Dunmore.
Today I had nothing fixed but C had a hospital appointment.Two years ago he was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and is on medication for it.This involves monthly blood tests before they issue the prescription.Last month all his readings were up and he was a bit worried about it.However,he was reassured today that they are fine.He hasn't had a flare up since diagnosis.Fingers crossed that continues because the pain is awful.
Our daughter and two granddaughters are coming to stay next week for a couple of nights.I decided the bedding needed freshening up so have done numerous loads of washing which has dried outside and is now back on the beds smelling lovely.I finished my Reading Group book sat in the sunshine ( yes,we actually had some sun!!),having a chilled glass of rose.I think I deserved after all that washing.The book was Heartburn by Nora Ephron.It was supposed to be really funny but I wasn't amused.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Do you know any 9 and 12 year old who would like to write to my granddaughters?

Ruby is nine and has discovered she likes writing letters tp people.I was telling her that a number of years ago I had lots of pe friends around the World.I got into to it through International Penfriends which was an organisation based in Dublin.The idea was to promote international goodwill.It was a great hobby and I still keep in touch with most of them,usually at Christmas with a catch up letter.
Ruby is nine.Her sister is Emily  and she is twelve.If you know anyone who is interested you can email me at candbharrison@talktalk.net

We met up with the girls and Sarah for coffee this morning.This afternoon we went to our Science Group. two short talks.One about Physics which was way above my head!We have a cup of tea afterwards so it is a nice social event as well.

Guess what? it is pouring down again.We really havn't had a summer.We are off to France in two weeks time and are also grabbing a week in Spain in September.Watch us hit a bad week there!!

Monday, 7 August 2017

Bits and bobs.

This morning saw me going to my Social History Group which meets once a month.Today the talk wason the History of the Royal Mail from Henry VIII s time.We are just off the route that was taken from London to Holyhead from 1795 to 1808.Northop was a Post.The coach stopped there .The post was collected and off they went.In ten miles they will change the horses.All the way from London the horses are regularly changed.When they get to Conway everyone gets off the coach and ferries across the river and then picks up another coach.It wasn't until 1826 when Thomas Telford built his bridges that they could get across the water safely.We take everything for granted today but it was so difficult in the past.An interesting talk.
Over the weekend I did some sorting out in my craft room.I have so much wool.I was ruthless and this afternoon went to the British Heart Foundation charity shop to see if they wanted it.They were delighted.
Back to a bit of pootling in the garden,filling bird feeders ,clearing the pond and a bit of weeding.Just done a bit of shawl knitting and am about to watch some TV crocheting some squares with more left over wool.Mindless stuff that I can do watching TV.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

What happened to yesterday?

I was supposed to blog every day but forgot yesterday!Not a good start!
this weekend it is the North Wales Blues and Soul Festival in our little town,in fact it is about 100 yards from our house.This was very nice on Friday,not so bad yesterday but I think today I have had enough of all the noise and it is poring down so  I feel very sorry for the organisers.Yesterday we met friends for coffee( how long can you make a cup of coffee last) and had a good old natter.I spent £24 on yarn at our local Yarn O'Clock shop.I like to support local concerns but it is expensive.I bought some lace weight and some 4 ply.One of my closest friends has a birthday in October so I want to make her a crescent shaped shawl.I have two different patterns and the two yarns.Decisions .Decisions.
our eldest granddaughter is 18 today.They are on holiday in the USA and are in Yosemite National Park at the moment.We have just managed to speak to her and she was really pleased with her presents- a Welsh gold bracelet,perfume,a book with paintings of Cambridge where they live plus other little things.Phew ,she liked them.

back tomorrow.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Daily blog

I don't ,at the moment ,seem able to put photos on my blog so I have decided I will give you a glimpse of my day to day life.

To start, Abit of a reminder about me.I live in a small market town in North East Wales UK.I have two children ,five grandchildren and a husband.

I have lots of hobbies,knitting ,crochet (not very good at this as I am left handed!) reading, theatre, coffee with friends,loads of U3A groups etc.

Today,I met my best friend for a cup of tea and a toastedteacakein a local coffee shop.She has just had three days in London and had loads to talk about,visits to the Houses of Parliament,Globe theatre ,Claridges ,The Ivy etc.This afternoon OH and me had a 30 minute drive to the coast at Colwyn Bay.The tide was coming in but it was a bit cold but we still had a Magnum Almond Ice cream!!