Thursday, 5 November 2009

bonfire night

What a shame.It is absolutely tippling down and has been for several hours just when the bonfires will be being lit and the fireworks set off.My daughter,OH and 2 little ones are coming on Saturday and staying the night.There is a bonfire then in a small village a couple of miles away so we might give it a go.We have now got our new loft bedroom fitted out with beds ,desk ,bookcases etc so we might try that as well.We might get the house valued now we have had it done as it now offers the potential of a fifth bedroom and toilet etc up there.
I had my second of three sock club parcels yesterday.I had forgotten about it and think I am now really "socked " out.
We have bought Ruby a pram for her second birthday on Nov 14th and so I have to knit/crochet covers by then.Also a new dolly so clothes for that as well.She so loves playing with her dolls,feeding,them,putting them on the potty,putting them to bed etc.So sweet!
Emily,her 4 yr old sister, heard yesterday that she had passed her first ballet exam but surely they don't fail any of them.I hope not!
Anyone decided to join the Posh Yarn cashmere club?


  1. Wow bonfire night fun for all then! Hope the little ones like the new room! Lottie and I are going to make treacle toffee - that should keep her quiet for a while.

    Don't think I will be entering any of the clubs until I have saved up a bit - love the sound of the blanket club though, I saw this years one in progress on 'the stash basket' blog.

    Am still loving the socks as they are so easy to take in the car whilst waiting to collect my lot, plus mine seem to loose the elasticty in the leg and have to move to walking boot duty instead of welly duty - need to knit faster!

  2. I'm sorely tempted to join but it is a lot of money - OH would have a fit! I went to the yarn shop the other day to 'browse' and he said 'haven't you got enough yarn already?!' Which I probably have but there's always something there I like and have plans for etc. etc. ....!