Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Thank you

Sarah-thank you for my Easter card and gift.It really brightened my day.I must say I am enjoying this wonderful weather.Our son and his family are on holiday in Devon for a week.How lucky they are with the weather.
We have spent quite a lot of time in the garden and it looks better than it has done for a while.we have put golden gravel on the patio and today treated ourselves to two huge pots and a cordyline and a phormium to go in them.
We went to see the film Black Swan last Friday.How depressing.We wished we hadn't bothered.yesterday was a gallery visit for Art Appreciation,tomorrow is Reading Group-The Long Song by Andrea Levy,Friday is a theatre visit-Journey's End and then a quiet Easter weekend.Here in North Wales we stay off the roads when it is a holiday weekend!!
P.S.Just have to mention I had two of my reviews published in Newbooksmag this month.It feels quite good to see your name in print.I don't get paid,just keep the book.


  1. How funny that you are reading The Long`s my choice for April`s meeting at our book club here next Tuesday. I haven`t quite finished it yet and I`m reserving judgment until I do! Enjoy the lovely weather and hope it holds for you over the Easter weekend.

  2. We're enjoying the weather too. You sound like you've got lots to keep you busy this week. We'll be having a quiet Easter time too.
    Have a good week!

  3. Glad to provide a little cheer!

    We are back at the seaside again for Easter and the weather is fab.

    Lottie has read Andrea Levys Small Island as part of her Eng Lit A-level but I haven't read either - must try harder to avoid the aga sagas!

    Happy Easter, Sx