Sunday, 4 December 2011

My strawberry tea cosy!

I always make something for my sister in law and my stepmother for Xmas.In the past I have done scarves,hats,mittens and socks so couldn't repeat those and I really have lost my knitting mojo.I came across this pattern.I know it isn't Chrismassy(but the colours are right!)but I thought it might put a smile on their faces and most important it is incredibly quick.I started one at 5.30pm and it was finished by 7.30pm and I ate tea in between.I'll wrap them up with some fancy teas.

I am pleased to say I have finally got over my sore throat and cold.It is a good job because we have a very busy week coming up.Next weekend my OH has a landmark birthday.We are going away for the weekend.I have booked two cottages on the edge of the Peak District.He thinks it is just the two of us going for the weekend and that we are only meeting up on Sunday with the rest of the family.But everyone is coming on Friday evening and so we can spend the whole weekend together.There will our son,his wife and their three chidren,our daughter,her husband and their two girls and my brother in law.Twelve of us altogether.We aren't seeing them over Xmas so it is a pre xmas do as well.My only problem is the weather.Snow is forecast and everyone has to travel there.

We come back on Sunday evening and then on Monday we are going to Paris for three nights flying from Manchester.We intend to take in lots of art galleries and lots of good food and just enjoy the Xmas atmosphere of a big city.Should be good.


  1. Ooooh, that all sounds lovely!
    Have a wonderful time, especially in Paris!
    Fingers crossed that the weather behaves itself ... I need to get my children home for the holiday, so I don't want snow either!
    Love the little teacosy too!

  2. That sounds wonderful, I'm sure you will enjoy it all. Happy Birthday to your OH when it comes.

  3. Both of these sound lovely. The Peak District is lovely and if it is snowing there are some wonderful places to go like Chatsworth so you won't be cooped up inside the whole time.
    And Paris !!! You are so lucky to be close to all these great places so that you can drop over for a few days.
    I'm soooo envious !

  4. It all sounds so wonderful - a family gathering and then Paris. Glad you are feeling a lot better. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't snow as we are going to the Haddon Hall Christmas on Saturday. I like the strawberry tea cosy:)

  5. I'm a little late joining the party but I simply wished to tell you how beautiful your tea cosy is: an ideal present in my opinion particularly with a tea or two thrown in!

    I hope you have had a memorable time in the Peak District.

    Happy Advent,