Sunday, 15 January 2012

What a week.

No pictures today.What a week we have hadIit started last Friday when our 3yr old grandaughter had a nasty fall running from the car to the house.She cut her lip but didn't end up at the hospital.The same day I started with the most awful cold/flu which has knocked me for six.I didn't leave the house for four days.Saturday -our d's car failed it's MOT and cost £300+.Not what you want just after Xmas and you are on a tight budget!(Bank of Mum and Dad came to the rescue).Monday-my son in law had his car stolen in Liverpool..It seems they turned up in a tow truck,broke a window,took off the handbrake and towed it away.The police said he won't get it back.Tuesday -our 6yr old granddaughter was playing chasing games with said son in law,her daddy,when she crashed into a door and knocked out her top two front teeth!!They are,luckily,her first teethA trip to A&E was needed..We had a phone call to say could we go and collect Ruby and take her home and put her to bed.It's an hour's drive from here but off we went.Em was OK,no stitches needed.Thursday -Sarah had dizzy spells so we were off again.Thursday evening we were on our way to a wine tasting in my car when we realised I had a puncture.We had to change to our other car and C was changing wheels at 11pm in the pitch black because I had to take him into hospital on Friday and I don't drive our big car.
Anyway,he has had his op and seems fine.Its my birthday tomorrow so I am hoping for a better week!!!I know this is a boring post but it explains why I havn't been posting or commenting.Normal service will resume shortly!


  1. What a week!!!!

    Hope you are all ok.

    Im running a bit of a giveaway on my blog, it would be lovely if you would pop over and join in.

    Hope next week is much better for you and yours!


  2. Oh my, what a truly awful week you have had - hope next week is so much better for you.
    Happy Birthday to you for tomorrow. Be nice to yourself - you deserve it :))

  3. Oh poor you. What a dreadful time. Sometimes it feels that the fates are against you when so many bad things happen all at once. Don't get me started on cars!!!!
    I hope everything gets sorted out, and everyone feels better soon.
    Happy Birthday for tomorrow. I hope you have a lovely day!

  4. Oh, dear! sounds like it's just been one thing after another. Hope everyone feels better soon and that you have a better week next week. Have a lovely birthday:)

  5. Hope this next week is better for you.

  6. What a catalogue of disasters - hope you have had a lovely birthday and that next week is a lot better for you.

  7. Oh my goodness! I am so sorry (a little belatedly) to read about your AWFUL week. Words fail me. I simply hope the next one has been a lot better. I'm sending you a lot of happy thoughts from France and Happy Birthday!