Thursday, 2 August 2012

A little catch up

 This is a photo from our recent visit to the Loire Valley.I won't bore you with loads of photos but I thought this was a nice one.Me and C at Chenonceau.We had a gite which was very close to it and we could walk and view it across the river.A very pretty sight.We only went for a week and the weather wasn't brilliant but we had some wonderful food and drank plenty of wine.
I thought I would put this one in of my two granddaughters snuggling under my latest crocheted blanket.I have now sewn in all the end!I love this pattern.It is a Jane Brocket pattern.Emily who is seven had brought her knitting(Ruby came in saying "Em has brought her "needing nittles".Bless her).The Head at her school plus one of the mums has taught a whole group how to knit.She spent most of the day knitting.I do hope she is going to be a knitter.Sock knitting is the order of the day at the moment.It fits in with lots of Olympic TV watching!
Sunday we are off to Cambridge to "grandparent" our other three grandchildren for a week.I am just hoping we get some decent weather.


  1. We visited the Loire Valley and saw a few chateaus many years ago when we had very little money - I remember the hotel we stayed in, our room was in the attic and you couldn't stand up in the room as the roof was so low! It was a huge contrast every day to visit a large chateau and then to come back to our little box in the attic!

  2. I've enjoyed reading this report about your time in the Loire Valley. I've been looking at some travel guide books myself about this area.

    It seems to be a way to get a bit deeper into la belle France, away from cities, closer to the heart of France.

    Your crocheting looks grand.

    What a strange summer this is on both sides of the Atlantic, weather wise. The climate definitely is changing.

  3. ❝needing nittles❞ love it!

  4. Soft and pretty blanket. Girls loving it. Enjoy good time in Cambridge.

  5. How lovely to be able to see that view every day. Your pretty blanket looks so warm and cosy. Hope you enjoy your next break in Cambridge:)

  6. Sounds like you enoyed your time away and I love the picture of your two wee grand daughters sleeping under your crochet blanket.

  7. The Loire is lovely - all those turrets, can't beat 'em! What a gorgeous photo of the two little ones, and of course who could fail to sleep soundly under such a beautiful blanket! xCathy

  8. Hi, I landed here on a blog hop. Your lovely blanket is similar to the one I am doing at the moment. It's obviously nice, cosy and warm.
    Love from Mum

  9. We loved our stay in the Loire Valley, all the chateaux are magnificent. We stayed two nights in one and was beautiful.
    The crocheted blanket is beautiful and I love the sweet photo of your darling grand-daughters.

    Happy new week

  10. So glsd you had a lovely time in the beautiful Loire valley...loved your picture with all the pretty turrets. How cute your granddaughters look snuggled under your pretty new crochet blanket :) Have a happy week.
    Helen x