Friday, 28 December 2012

Xmas swap

Here is what I had in my swap box from Claire.Some Icelandic 100% wool Lopi yarn.I shall have to have a think as to what to make with this,some lovely coasters,chocs and a lovely toilet bag with goodies in it and not forgetting one of C's home made robins.Thank you Claire.
We got back from Cambridge yesterday.Unfortunately our son wasn't well when we arrived and then his wife got the dreaded lurgy but we had a lovely time.We ate out in a pub on Christmas Day(the pub William and Kate ate in when they were in Cambridge a couple of weeks ago!).It is right by the River Cam and we anxiously watched the river levels on Xmas Eve!It was lovely to have all the family together for a few days(12 of us) and to watch the grandchildren interact.More on this another day,tea is being served by my hubby.


  1. Fantastic swap goodies! Arent bloggers just the best?

    Sorry to hear your family were poorly, hope they are now on the mend.

    My husband is cooking tea as well today!! Bless them.


  2. Lovely swap goodies! It's nice that you spent Christmas with your family....though sorry about the lurgy, there's a lot of it about at the moment!
    Have a Happy New Year.
    Helen x

  3. Glad you enjoyed your swap gifts. I had some wonderful ones as well but haven't blogged yet as my computer is poorly at the moment and needs a new power supply.

  4. You got some lovely items in your swap!!!
    Sorry to hear your son and his wife were unwell, I hope they are on the mend now. Have a lovely new year. :))