Thursday, 23 May 2013

Ruby Rabbit.

Here is Ruby Rabbit.I am thrilled with her but can see her imperfections.It makes you realise how talented Julie over at Little Cotton Rabbits is.Since she released the pattern last there is a whole gang of little rabbits being made all over the world.The power of the internet.
Now, to change the subject all together.Do you ever feel that you are the one doing all the caring about others but when you need a bit of TLC no one notices.Last week a cousin of mine died.She was only 70 which is relatively young these days.We are waiting for a phone call to say my step mother has passed away.It is a very complicated situation because she was only married to my father for 5 years and he died in 1981.Since then she has been in the family home.My brother and I have no idea what is going to happen to the house.She has two sisters who are doing a wonderful job looking after her at home.We should be going on holiday in 10 days time but I don't think that will happen.My friends know all about this,my OH does, my children do but no one thinks about me.This making me sound very selfish but I am the one on the phone all the time asking them how they are.
Anyway, sorry about the moaning but I feel better.It won't happen again.Honestly!


  1. Sending huge hugs your way and I totally understand how you are feeling!

    Love the little bunny by the way. S xx

  2. Well I'm thinking about you and I'm sure many others who read this are - sometimes the one who appears to be the strong one is overlooked. It sounds like you are very caring and hopefully people will realise what a key part you have played in time. Sending you big hugs in what sounds like a turbulent time x Jane (P.S. Ruby looks just perfect to me!)

  3. I am so sorry you are feeling so alone. Life can be so hard sometimes. I do agree that sometimes the ones that are the most caring are relied upon so much their own needs are not realised

  4. You sweet thing, you are not selfish at all, if you can't talk to your blogging friends when you are upset then why have a blog? I am here with both my parents who are aging and deteriorating quickly, my sisters are not here nor do they come to help. I feel the same way you do very often, You get a special star in Heaven for being as caring as you are.
    Hang in there,

  5. Firstly, I love that little rabbit, I shall have to seek the pattern out, where did you find it?
    Then on the your other subject. Yes, I feel the same way, my children are all in their 40's now in fact one is nearly 50 but they come in winging about all their problems but aren't really interested if we say we don't feel well and never bother to ask if we are better. I know they have their own families but it is a bit one sided.
    AFter they go I am always upset but the way they behave but because they are our children we don't want any upsets so they get away with it.
    so, NO, you aren't selfish and its good to get it off your chest.
    Love and hugs to you.

  6. I know what you mean. When my Mum died I went to stay with my Dad until after the funeral and everyone that rang was asking how he was which is understandable, when one of my nieces phoned and said 'how are you' it threw me for a while but I was so grateful for her concern. I love Ruby Rabbit:)

  7. Even more hugs coming from this direction as well. It's not easy being the one everyone forgets, happens to me all the time as well. You are not selfish at all and I hope that as your friends, you can find some solace in our concerns for your wellbeing.

    Your little Ruby Rabbit is absolutely beautiful. We all see imperfections in our work, but then look at nature and see the imperfections there, they are natural and not to be worried over.

    Best wishes

  8. I think your rabbit looks perfectly good - very like Julie's in fact. I have just bought the patterns and hope to have a go at them soon. I hope mine turns out as well as yours!

    Regarding your 'moan' you are quite right to get it off your chest. Blogging friends are good friends I find. Hopefully you will get your holiday in the end and a chance to relax and be pampered a little!

    PS - Certainly Wales is sunnier than the Limousin today!

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  10. Ruby is adorable! You did a lovely job of making her!
    Helen x