Saturday, 20 July 2013

Yarndale Granny Bunting.

Lucy at Attic24 has organised Yarndale which is taking place in Skipton in September.She has asked for contributions of granny bunting to decorate the venue.I have gone for a "colours of the rainbow" theme.I have done a solid one for each colour and 8 rainbow ones.I decided on this theme so that hopefully I can spot mine on the day I go.Lucy likes a softer palette so I hope she doesn't think mine are too bright.They are winging their way to Skipton now.
My next blogpost(I havn't done one for nearly two months) will be about our recent holiday in the Loire Valley in France.A week of total self indulgence!!Wonderful.


  1. These look fabulous! Very jolly and just right for the purpose! Ros

  2. Hello.
    Really love your bunting its really pretty and colourful x

  3. They look lovely, fab colour combinations, I love seeing all the Granny bunting appearing on the different blogs I follow. Have a super time at Yarndale
    Clare x

  4. Oh my goodness, it doesn't bear thinking about if ziggy had jumped out of the car, my heart is thumping just thinking about it.
    As for a frying pan bed, that beats it all. lol

  5. The bunting is lovely, I'm sure Lucy will be thrilled with it.

  6. Hello there
    Thanks for visiting my blog and your comment on my bunting, yours are just fabulous. Isn't it the best fun when us crafty girls do something collaboratively! I live on the South East coast of England and would love to journey up to Yarndale but it's my daughter's birthday that week and we have plans for that weekend, so sadly I may have to wait till another year, if you go I do hope you have a great time, I'm desperate to get me to a yarny festival xox Penny

  7. Bunting's looking good ... Lucy seems to have miles of it now, what fun!

  8. Thank you so much for popping over to Chalkys.. Your comment s so appreciated and I hope your dallying with your Granny's go really well. Love your bunting