Monday, 5 May 2014

Yarn bombing.What do you think?

 This is what we saw when we visited Anglesey Abbey just outside Cambridge a month ago.It seems covert crafters created these as a prelude to the Tour de France cycling race which is going to go through Cambridge this year.Knitters are being asked to make miniature jerseys which will adorn the city.

 My two grandsons,Finlay and Angus,by the tree house.(That's not our pushchair!)
 This is the front view of Anglesey Abbey.I am afraid Grandma and Grandpa were too tired to go round the house having walked ,what seemed like miles,to the Discovery Area with the boys!
 This last weekend we had a few days up in the Lake District.On the way we stopped at Sizergh Castle near Kendal.Yarn bombing again on The Knoll.This is a community project involving schools,groups and individuals.This was a pretty convincing owl.
 How about this bullfinch?(We have a resident pair of bullfinches in our garden).Yarn bombing here included knitting ,crochet and felting'
                                          Sizergh Castle garden.Beautiful.So what do you think about yarn bombing.?I think it is a bit of fun that brightens things up.I am thinking of doing it in my garden.The grandchildren would love it.Giant ladybirds,owls,butterflies,flowers.My mind is buzzing.Any other suggestions welcome.Will the neighbours think it is a bit of fun or will they think I have lost the plot!!


  1. I think you should go for it. It's bright, interesting and good fun. Your grandchildren will definitely love it!

  2. I like the thought of a giant ladybird and a butterfly or two - I bet your grandchildren will love it - you could hide some of them for them to find:)

  3. The yarn bombings are amazing. I saw the prologue of the tour several years ago when it was in Rotterdam, I loved it.

  4. We don't see much yarn bombing here in NYC. I think our urban street scene is just too rigid to welcome it. Still...when you do come across a yb specimen, I always feel my smile begin.

    So...go ahead and crochet for your own pleasure and also to give smiles to others who will have a surprise greet their eyes.


  5. Lovely post! I found your blog from Marigold Jam and am wondering what your birthday is. I turn 70 on January 26th, 2015.

  6. Sounds like a lovely idea and its sure to make you smile on a grey day! Sxx

  7. So pleased you got to go to the Woollen Woods and see all the trees including the Chronic Creatives tree, I'd love to be well enough to visit
    Clare xx