Sunday, 1 June 2014

My mandala for Yarndale 2014.

Last year we made bunting for Yarndale.This year we have been asked to make a mandala.Only one.These are going to be put together to make a huge wall display,I think.I have chosen what I think will be colours that are not quite so common so I can recognise it when I am there.I didn't spot my bunting last year.There was just so much of it.I was quite pleased,well really pleased, that I could follow the pattern!I couldn't understand why my cross bits were going the wrong way and then realised I am left handed and going the other way.
I have painted my mandala with PVA but it isn't rigid.Does anyone know whether it should be?


  1. Beautiful ! Love the colours! Ros

  2. Well I'm super impressed by that - I haven't attempted one yet but am going to try and follow the tutorial over at Bunny Mummy's blog - although being a fellow left hander things don't always go as planned! Well done x Jane

  3. Looking beautiful. It won't be rigid with only one coat of PVA. You may need to soak it in watered down PVA and then stretch it out to dry. Leave it in the solution long enough for it to soak well in.

  4. I gave my one 2 coats of PVA, I wasn't really sure how stiff it should actually be but I thought mine was ok. I've sent it off now!
    Yours looks lovely and you've chosen pretty colours. I can't wait to see them all on display!