Saturday, 13 June 2015

I havn't blogged in ages......

 I havn't blogged in ages because I just couldn't load any photos.I would spend ages doing a blog post and then it would disappear.So frustrating.I only had this machine new in January!!!Eventually it went off to the computer doctor and came back this morning.She had removed 484 infected spyware files!She thought they may have come in when I downloaded crochet/knitting patterns.Mended now.
A short blog today.Photos of my latest bit of crocheting.Cushions for on our new sofas.I think they look really good and are so quick and simple to do.It is a Stylecraft pattern and uses DK yarn used double.
 Here in different colours.It gobbles up the yarn but is so easy.
 I am still sock making.When C was really bad with his Rheumatoid Arthritis he found hand knitted socks easier to put on.I am glad to report on that front that he is now on medication and almost back to normal.
Finally,a photo of my bougainvillea.Isn't it great.I thought it had died over winter and then suddenly this.
We are off to France on Thursday but will try to get another post in before then.Its lovely to be back in Blogland!!!

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