Thursday, 5 November 2015

Snowflakes for the Homestart Appeal

 I heard about this appeal from Claire at Summerhouse by the Sea.Homestart is a British charity that supports young families.They are aiming to get 30,000 snowflakes and these will be displayed at the Christmas Handmade Fair in Manchester at the end of November.They will then be given to families to hang on their Xmas trees.
They are fun and quick to make.I used Lucy's of Attic 24's pattern.I have made 30 so far.I blocked them when they were finished and put spray starch on them to give them a bit more body.

Is it just me or are people not blogging as often as they used to?


  1. I like the way you are being very creative and using different colours. They will look lovely.

  2. I've been making the very same snowflakes for a charity Christmas tree festival in our church. I think you are right about people not blogging as much. I used to manage three or four times a week but now it is once a week if I'm lucky... so I appreciate you stopping by my post today! I'm looking forward to a cosy weekend, reading and crocheting

  3. Ohhh they are so sweet. They would be very special on a Christmas tree.

    PS. On the holiday front, have you ever been to Sarlat la Caneda near Limoges? Is it the loveliest French village we have been to so far. Highly recommend it to you and the Dordogne Area around it has many beautiful villages to visit.

  4. Wow they look amazing :)
    Clare xx

  5. Your snowflakes are lovely, I need to get mine sent off. :) x

  6. These are beautiful, such patience must be needed to follow such an inticate pattern, not something I possess at the moment! ;) You're right, people aren't blogging as much these days and I'm one of those guilty people! I've joined Instagram along with a lot of other ex bloggers because it's so much quicker but I do miss the visits to blogs where I feel there's more of a proper connection. Have a lovely weekend Barbara. xx