Monday, 4 January 2016

Back to my childhood?

 I had this colouring book from my granddaughters for Xmas.I have had a colouring book for adults for a while but this one is much simpler and has a little saying with each coloring.Years ago when I was doing voluntary work inspecting residential care for the elderly(I was the ear and eye of Joe Public chatting to residents,staff,relatives etc)I had the idea for colouring books for people in homes.If I had pursued it I could have made a fortune!
 Here is one I have already done.I have a box of twenty crayons bought in WH Smith and you can blend them.Very relaxing to do.
   I have tried umpteen times to get this the right way around and just cannot manage it,so heads to one side.This was from my OH.This also great fun and quite addictive as you never know what it is going to be.They each take about twnty minutes.
Again,apologies,head on one side to view.

January 4th is always a sad day for me(my OH never remembers the day) but it is the day our first baby was stillborn.He was full term but had Spina Bifida,Club feet and Hydrocephalous.He died during delivery.This is over forty years ago but I never forget.I had the most dreaful time,on my own,as Partners were not allowedin.Thank goodness times have changed.


  1. I am sorry that today is such a sad day for you. I hope that you have gone on to happier times in life because although it doesn't change the past, it does mean that you are not stuck there. Hugs and all good thoughts to you. xx

  2. I am so sorry you had that experience, childbirth could be brutal then sometimes. I hope we are a bit kinder to women now. You must have been very frightened on your own, I wish you had had more comfort. Perhaps if your husband had been there he would understand your feelings more now. I suppose he just didn't experience it in the same way as you did. I know you never forget but I am glad you did go on to have a family to love and care for.

    My very best wishes xx

  3. Sorry to hear that yesterday was a sad day for you. I'm sure the memory never goes away. Interesting to hear your son and wife have open a coffee shop in Cambridge. You must let me know where as I'd much rather support local shops than the big chains.

  4. Oh what a story, having worked with many children with those issues I am so sorry, your babies issues all combined were very severe. I am glad he was not in pain, but still your heart is heavy when you think of him. Blessing to you,

  5. I've seen lots of these adult colouring books around, but it's years since I saw a dot to dot book! Not since the kids were little. Sorry to hear about your sad anniversary - life is full of pain and sorrow as well as the joys. Hoping you have lots of joy in 2016. xCathy

  6. Hello. I just discovered your lovely blog and my heart goes out to you on this anniversary. I'm happy that life continued on for you. Your coloring is very lovely. I received a similar book as a Christmas gift. Wishing you the best for the weekend, Pat

  7. I was just talking about colouring books to my Mum earlier. She said My Nana used to colour ours in when I was a child! I wish I had thought of this trend too and could have made lots of money!
    Sad to hear of your terrible experience all those years ago. My sympathy to you.