Thursday, 24 November 2016

Any suggestions ...

I have failed to load a photo of a mountain of wool that I have.I have been making blankets,scarves,socks etc for years and have ended up with lots of part balls.Any suggestions of what I can make.Anything for charities would be fine.Hope you can come up with something.

WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO BLOGGER? is it only me?I can't load photos and the whole format has changed.

An update on my health,tests etc.Following a colonoscopy and an endoscopy it has been decided that I do not have IBS.I have microscopic colitis,a small hiatus hernia,acid reflux and probably Bile Acid Malabsorption.Nothing nasty turned up.Phew!I am now trying two different kinds of medication and can report life is getting better.I have still lost a lot of confidence but hope as time goes on it will improve.We managed to go and see our Cambridge family two weeks ago.Four hours in the car but I was OK.We are there for Xmas which is a little daunting.

Hope you are all well.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in the USA.

Lots of love.Barbarax


  1. My Blogger has changed a little. There seems to be an extra log-in page and "View blog" has moved to the left of the page. But I wrote a blog this week and adding a photo seemed to work the same way for me. However, I'm getting an extra message about my settings which I simply don't understand. I suppose there was a reason for the changes apart from to make our lives difficult! I'm glad to hear your health is under control.

  2. Thank you so much for the Thanksgiving Day wishes. Isn't it good to be thankful for every day that we are given.

    I am glad to hear your health report and hope that the prescribed details will bring you even better health.

    Yes, Blogger has changed its set up. Surprise! Something new to explore and begin to use in ways that perhaps the former incarnation did not allow. I've been able to figure out loading photos and some other features, and will just continue to learn new bits when I need to. That way I'll remember the new pathways better.


  3. Good to hear that you health problems can be managed more easily than you thought, I hope all goes well with the treatment. Blogger has changed, the extra page as you sign in, the changes to the layout on the dashboard - took me ages to find the reading list as I didn't scroll down far enough! I didn't have any problems with loading photos though that seemed just the same:)

  4. Good to hear you are trying new meds and that you have some answers. I have no idea what happened to BLogger, you are not the only one. Wish they had given us a warning.

  5. Sorry to hear about your health problems but pleased to hear things are improving. What about something like this for your scraps mine is still on the go I just keep adding to it.. I'm making blankets 4 x 6 at the moment for Knit for nowt. As for blogger I'm still trying to figure the new things out but uploading photo's is just the same for me. :) x

  6. Glad you are feeling a little better. I had sort of noticed the Blogger changes, but I always go onto my blog through my Ravelry link, and haven't had any photo uploading problems. What about blanket making with al the part-ball yarns? x

  7. Blogger definitely changed their format but I've not had any other problems. Hope you get it sorted out. Lots of folks just make a random color blanket with all their bits of yarn, tying them together to make a big ball. Glad to hear you have figured out your medical issues -- at least now you know how to treat it. Take care.

  8. Hi! Any little balls of yarn can be made into a small granny blankets for your local pet rescues. Kitties and Puppies don't mind the colours! Best Wishes, Dianne

  9. I hope the diagnosis and findings of nothing horrid bring some relief to you. xx