Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Where will you be spending Xmas?

We are going to our son's in Cambridge.It is a three and a half hour journey by car,sometimes longer depending on traffic.We are going on Xmas Eve and I am convincing myself that all the foreign lorries that clog the A14 will have gone home to Hungary,Bulgaria,Poland etc.Fingers crossed that the weather is fine.

Second thing.How do I get my list of followers up to 100?!!!!


  1. Cambridge will be a wonderful place to spend Christmas! When I was there (just last week!) I was reminded of what a pretty place it is, with the narrow roads and lanes and beautiful buildings and all those bicycles. The colleges were closed for holiday and so the sidewalks were so serene...that added to the charm. You could imagine all the past decades and centuries when folks had passed along those same paths, looked at that same river.

    I think that sometimes I you add links to other bloggers' sites in your posts, cross-pollination can occur. In the years that I have been blogging, my number of followers has varied up and down. I just go with the flow.

    Happy Christmas! xo

  2. I love Cambridge that's where my son will be coming from to spend it at home with me the place is such a mess after the burst pipe and flooding I feel sorry for him, but hopefully we can have some sort of Christmas amid the mess. As for followers my advice to you is remove the followers widget it was depressing me one day I had nearly 800 and within a month I was down to 600 so I took it off my blog and never think about the number of followers I have now, the best indication of how popular your blog is is to look in the page views and stats. :) x

  3. This Christmas will be very different to last year. Daughter was up in Scotland then and our kitchen was a building site so we had to go to a restaurant which was a bit of a disappointment. This year we are going to Daughter's new flat for "Christmas breakfast" and then on to her boyfriend's mother's house for the main dinner. It's lovely to share the day with lots of people.

    I struggled to get above 100 followers, but I don't really advertise my blog on Facebook or anywhere else. So I suppose it is amazing that I have ANY followers!

  4. PS: the builder working on our kitchen last year was Polish and he took two weeks off over Christmas. So you might be lucky with the number of lorries.

  5. It would be pleasing to me to have even a few more followers or commentators on my blog, my posting has become erratic though, also a few years back someone objected to a posting a year after it appeared so there are areas of my life about which I no longer blog.

    Will keep trying and will welcome new readers, meanwhile need to put iPad on charge, down to 8%. Whoops!

  6. How wonderful to be in Cambridge at Christmas, I hope the roads aren't too busy and that you have a wonderful time. We have spent time with friends and family over the last couple of days travelling here and there, Christmas day we will stay at home:)

  7. Just added myself to your followers, one less to find.