Saturday, 27 May 2017

Latest finished project.

 This is an easy pattern to knit/It is Knitspot Summer Fun Sock.As it says a great one for summr.

 I have started another summery one.
This is the yarn I am using.

How are you all?We have had my brother in law staying.He lives in Kenya but came over to see family and friends.Very tired now he has gone back.Hopefully off to Southern Scotland for a few days next week.
What a dreadful week it has been here in the UK.We are less than hour from Manchester,our daughter a lot closer.Many of her friends and colleagues have been affected and lost loved ones.Truly awful and so unnecessary.


  1. I love your new socks! And, the Carlos and Arne sock yarn knits up so pretty. It's very sad indeed what happened in Manchester. My prayers with you, Pat

  2. Lovely socks they fit perfectly. x

  3. It has been a very sad time, we are grieving with you over here in the US. Such senseless violence. Love your socks.

  4. Great socks! Thanks for your comments on my blog, yes you came very near me, I'm just outside of Sudbury, near the river, very close to Long Melford 😊

  5. What a pretty sock pattern. Yes, the events in Manchester have been horrendous, such a senseless act and so cruel.