Tuesday, 6 March 2018

How much do you pay at the dentists?

I have been to the dentists this afternoon.A check up and an X-ray cost me £50.69 US dollars,88 Australian dollars or 56 Euros.I need a cracked filling replacing in April and that will cost me £115,or 159 US dollars,204 Australian dollars or 160 Euros.There are no places in any NHS dentists so I have no choice.What I want to know is how people who are on low incomes manage these prices.Theresa May talks about " the just about managing" families or is it only the better off who can afford to go. At long last most of the snow has gone and it is a little milder but still a frost tonight. I am really enjoying doing some cross stitch at the moment and my watching TV knitting is a fox!Badger,hare ,rabbit and squirrel will follow!Why am I doing this.I have no idea.I just fancied something different.


  1. I have NHS dental check-ups and they seem to cost more every time I go. I also had to pay over £600 for a steel palette to replace the newish plastic one that never fitted properly. Lots NHS dentist where I live and even spare places as well.

    Have a great weekend

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. Hmm! My recent bill for a check up and clean was £98!

  3. I just paid £56 for a check up and very small filling on the NHS but my dentist did put a bit of pressure on me to have some work done privately, costing about £1,000. As he was new at the surgery I was a bit dubious, seemed like he was touting for private business. He even suggested I get an implant costing about £2,500 for a gap at the back of my mouth where I had the tooth extracted many years ago, never crossed my mind to do that. I think I'll stick with what I've had done for now.