Saturday, 18 May 2019

We went to Bodnant Gardens today.National Trust.

 At this time of the year it is azalea and rhododendron time but there are other lovely plants.Look at these gorgeous irises.
Below is a willow sculpture of Emily Pankhurst to celebrate the Suffragette Movement.

 More irises.I always associate irises with France and especially Monet' s garden.
 Blocks of azaleas.Gorgeous colours.
Finally a photo of me in front of an enormous rhododendron.
We then went to the West Shore at Llandudno for some lunch and sea air.All in all a very pleasant trip and only 50 minutes from home.
We were on Anglesey on Thursday but I never took any photos.


  1. It looks like an amazing place to visit, so beautiful!

  2. Always wanted to visit Bodnant. It looks lovely, beautiful flowers. B x

  3. Bodnant is lovely at this time of year. It looks like you had a wonderful day out:)

  4. What a lovely day out. I love irises but I've never grown them, apart from iris retiuclata, the little spring flowering ones.

  5. Isn't it funny how we never tire of looking at flowers. Maybe its because they are all short lived and we have to wait a year to see them again.

  6. Bodnant looks like a beautiful place to visit :)

  7. WOW, you standing in front of the flowers really help us see the scale and size!!! Amazing. I love Iris also. My deep purple, the double blossoms are blooming in my yard right now. They came from starts from my folks house. I've given hundreds of starts through the years.

  8. In my humble opinion they are the best in the world ! We were there this time last year and they were breath taking.