Sunday, 4 August 2019

My blackwork

 My Blackwork is coming along very well.It needs a lot of concentration but that is good for the brain cells.You just hope it is all going to meet up!Gold thread and beads are added at the end.
I had a dreadful night last night.OH was snoring( it is usually me) so Idecided to move bedrooms.Still I could not get to sleep and ended up moving back.We gardened all morning and so I went for a cheeky little sleep this afternoon and slept for two hours.We have spent the last week cutting back shrubs in the garden.They seem to have gone mad this year.Two more full cubes waiting Togo to the tip tomorrow and at least double that piled up on the lawn.
Did you experience the Painted Ladies butterflies phenomen?It only happens every ten years but I was lucky enough to walk into a swarm of them Truly incredible.
We went to see Vita and Virginia at the film theatre onFriday evening.It seemed very slow to me but perhaps I was just tired.


  1. Your blackwork is beautiful! It's the sort of thing I'd love to try but know that I don't have the patience!

  2. Stunning blackwork, its beautiful and always looks so elegant.

  3. Wonderful stitching and it looks stunning. xx

  4. Beautiful blackwork! We had a ton of painted ladies here during the winter months (which is our growing season in the desert). They were a sight to see for sure.

  5. Your blackwork is very pretty. How wonderful to see loads of painted ladies, I've only seen one at a time. I sympathise with the not sleeping. I have those nights sometimes when I just can't sleep:)