Saturday, 14 December 2019

We won't see Ella for six months.

Our eldest granddaughter,Ella, who is 20 is at university in Manchester doing American Studies.Manchester is only an hours drive from here so we pop up regularly and take her out to lunch.Her home is in Cambridge which is four hours away so we have seen a lot more of her recently.However, as I have mentioned before she is off to Madison in Wisconsin for a semester as part of her course.Our son went with a hired van to pick Ella up plus all her stuff and they came to spend the night here.We had a lovely evening just chatting .They left at 11 this morning to call at our daughter's to see her and her family before heading home to Cambridge.She is excited about going but also a little nervous which is to be expected.Giving her a huge hug before they went was quite sad.It has to last me six months!!!!
Our daughter,husband and Emily and Ruby are coming here for Xmas.I am a bit worried because we have not "done" Xmas for a number of years.As I get older I am finding I get more anxious and also tire easily.
Mike has a new date for his brain tumour removal which is not until Feb 4th.We take this is a good sign that they don't think it is critical but it is hanging over us.Such a shame last weeks op got cancelled.
Take care in the run up to Xmas.Back soon.Barbarax


  1. Hopefully the younger ones will get stuck in and help. Hope all goes well in February.x

  2. What a fabulous opportunity for her, I'm sure she'll have a wonderful time. I'm sorry to hear that your son in law's operation got cancelled, something that happens a lot these days, not very good at all. Wishing him well for February.

  3. She will have a wonderful time, I am sure, and the experience will stand her in very good stead. Maybe you can chat by Skype (or whatever). Not as good as face to face but a workable alternative
    Hopefully, everyone will muck in and help. xx

  4. She will be so happy in Madison, it really is a great town and very safe. She will love it. You will do fine with the holiday, let everyone else help make it special. Good news on the operation date.