Friday, 7 February 2020

Mike is home!!!

Mikewent home yesterday just 48 hours after a six hour op on his brain.He is still very poorly and in a lot of pain but everyone was pleased to have him back at home and it saves Sarah driving back and forth up the motorway to Manchester.Hope fully each day he will feels little bit better.He has strict instructions to do nothing for three weeks,nothing at all.Sarah has been signed off for next week and then it is half term.She( and us) are absolutely exhausted.Hopefully it is now onwards and upwards.Thank you for all your messages.


  1. Well done all of you. I can't imagine what the last few weeks have been for you all. May everything progress well now.

  2. Well done to the main man. Onwards and upwards.

  3. Wow that was quick. I hope that he continues to improve and the pain can be controlled.

  4. Relaxing at home in your own surroundings must be easier and more restful for all concerned. I hope with each day you are able to see small progress and the pain ease somewhat for him.

  5. Excellent news. One feels so mush better at home, I always think.

    1. mush??? I mean much, of course, sorry!

  6. That is good news, hopefully being at home will make things easier:)

  7. Good news indeed, and I hope each day easier for all concerned. Swing by for a visit when you can. ((HUGS))

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