Tuesday, 4 February 2020

My son in law is in the operating theatre.

Mike went down to theatre at 9am and is going to be there most of the day having his brain tumour removed.It is going to be a very loooooong day.Fingers crossed he comes out of it with no brain damage.He is in the Christie Hospital in Manchester so in a place of excellence.


  1. He seems to be in the best place for such a procedure. My thoughts are with you today x

  2. I hope all goes well and am sending positive vibes his way. x

  3. Hoping the surgeon and team do a great job, you'll all be so relieved when you hear good news.

  4. My best wishes to all of you, but especially to your daughter and your son-in-law.

  5. Hope all is well. Good that it is removable.x

  6. Love and prayers for you and your family x

  7. Love and blessings to you all at this worrying time.

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