Thursday, 23 December 2021

Happy Christmas to everyone.

 We were out the other day and saw this.What do you think about it?It brought a smile to my face but I sent it to a friend who thought it was horrendous.

A lot of Xmases are being spoilt by COVID.We are not mixing or shopping.I said to C this morning that when we were wrapping presents in the past I would say “save the receipt “in case they wanted to change it.No paper receipts this year,all done on line.

We are at our daughter’s Xmas Eve but we are providing the food.(only a five minute walk away).Christmas Day at Sarah’s.Boxing Day at S’s but we are providing the food again.

Our 16 year old granddaughter is having some mental health issues at the moment so I am not sure how things will go.

I may be glad when it is the 27th.

Anyone else had experience of this .Any help appreciated.

Have a lovely Xmas.COVID free I hope.



  1. Oh, my word. That's a bit of an eye catcher, isn't it!
    I'm sorry about your granddaughter. I have no specific advice I can offer, sadly, but sending love.

  2. I think the Santa is a bit of fun, and if you can't have a bit of fun at Christmas then when can you? I'm sorry to hear about your granddaughter, I hope things improve for her soon.

  3. Wow that's a big Santa I think it's great. Sorry to hear about your granddaughter it must be very worrying for you all. I Hope you have a lovely Christmas. xx

  4. I'm in the horrendous camp. Sorry to hear about your granddaughter. Best of luck for the celebrations.

  5. It made me smile :). Hope your Christmas goes ok. Thinking of you all. B x

  6. I hope the neighbours are in agreement with that Santa! Thank you for your Christmas wishes on my blog.
    It is a stressing time for all these days and especially so for the teenagers and young adults, difficult enough to navigate at the best of times. I hope that your grand-daughter will receive support to help her into a better state of mind.
    (I'll be married to an 80 year old next month!)

  7. All I can say is "Blimey!" Happy Christmas. CN x

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