Wednesday, 12 January 2022

First daffodils of the year.

 It is always good to buy that first bunch of daffodils.

We had lunch today with a group of friends back where we used to live.Great company and great food.I miss it so much.There used to be eleven of us who lunched together.One couple went to Cambridge to be near their daughter,another couple went to Wiltshire to be near their son.Another of the group has dementia and is in a home so now we are down to six.

What a beautiful day it has been today.Clear blue skies.I wish I had taken some views of the Clwydian Range from the pub.Next time!

Stay safe.



  1. Snap. I've just bought my first bunch of the year too and they are opening nicely in the warmth. They are so cheering, aren't they?

  2. Well done on your meet up. Still good to be six of you. I have yet to see any daffodils to buy. Maybe when I’d do my big shop next week. The sun is shining here today. Yippee. B x

  3. How lovely to meet up with friends, you must miss them now you've moved but it's good that you're able to get back to see them. I love daffodils, I haven't bought any yet this year but it's only a matter of time.

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed the meeting with your friends it's sad when everyone goes their seperate ways. Beautiful daffodils it doesn't seem like 5 minutes since I was buying them last year. x