Tuesday, 1 March 2022

Cambridge again.

Our daughter in law ( and son but he has a day job too)has two coffee shops in Cambridge,one in CB24 and one in the village of Histon just outside Cambridge.They also have the above,a coffee van.How great is that.
Matt has had an annexe built in his back garden.This is where we stayed.It is really for their 22 year old daughter who is at University in Manchester.There is a bedroom and a lounge with a sofa bed and shower room.

While we were there we visited Kettles Yard Art Gallery.There is an exhibition by Ai Weiwei.He was born in 1957 in Beijing in China.Some of the antiquities are genuine some not.He normally does huge installations.

These were made out of marble.His point being that everyday objects can be works of art.
This chair represents a conference he was not allowed to go to.
Finally, pictures of the artist made out of Lego.

 It was interesting but not spectacular.


  1. Some friends have a coffee van and it seems to be doing really well. I think they're lovely!

  2. Your granddaughter is a very lucky young lady having her own annex when she's home from university, isn't that lovely her having her own space, and good when visitors, such as yourself, are staying.

  3. That Annex looks fabulous, it sounds as if you had a lovely time. xx

  4. There is a coffee van where we have our slimming group meetings and it sells amazing cakes too.. luverly!