Sunday, 24 April 2022

It has been a busy week but not much cooking!

 This last we have been quite busy.

Art Appreciation Tuesday.Great to meet a lot of our old friends.

Our closest friends who moved 200 miles away were up for a few days.We gathered as many of our old “gang” together for a meal out.Seven out of the eleven made it.Another couple have moved away also,another had dementia and is in home.The last one did not want to risk catching COVID.

Thursday it was Social History here and we were doing a bit about Great Budworth church(previous post).

Friday Chris (one half of the couple who were visiting arranged a college get together lunch.Six of us were great friends in college many,many years ago but have still managed to meet up twice a year for lunch.It used to be in the evening but now we prefer lunch!!! Partners are also included.Naturally we haven’t met for two years because of the pandemic.It was great getting together again.The good thing about old friends is that you take up where you left off.Sadly,one of the husbands has died and another wasn’t well enough to come.

Saturday our daughter and OH wanted to go and buy plants and wanted our advice and also suggested lunch out.So we ate out three days out of four last week but no cooking.

I got up this morning and said I am not going anywhere today!

Ignore this photo .It is my tomato seedlings I have shown you before.

I have been busy making mandalas again.This time to hang on the fence.They just add another feature to look at and they only take one evening to make.



  1. Pretty mandalas. They will make lovely decorations. It's Ramadan here which means restaurants are only open in the evening and we don't go out at night so I've been cooking a whole lot more than usual. In May we will get back to a regular routine. Nice that you were able to meet up with such longtime friends. Take care.

  2. Well your Mandala is lovely too! Very fine! Many thanks for your comments on my blog and the comments on my previous post. I always find making Mandalas a challenge as I try to pick ones I have never made before especially if it is going to teach me a new stitch. I think that is the joy of crochet that although I have been doing it for donkey years😃I keep learning something new. I am following you now but I just have to put you on my blog list. Will do that later. Keep well. Amanda x