Saturday, 13 January 2018

A different Saturday.

There are a group of us who meet through U3A but also socially.There are eleven of us,five couples and one widower.We eat out at least once a month but seven of us also meet in Wetherspoons on a Saturday morning for coffee.Wetherspoons because we can sit there for ages and you pay for one coffee and then get free refills.Out of the eleven three of us have birthdays within four days 12,13 and 16 Jan.So,instead of going to Wetherspoons we were invited round to C and D's for champagne and panettone! They had als ozone some nibbles.I am not used to drinking champagne in a morning so a little nap was needed this afternoon!!!


  1. I'm not surprised you needed an afernoon nap. Sounds like a lovely celebration of all the birthdays:)

  2. Sounds like a great group to celebrate with.

  3. It's called "Living the life " BJ ! Sounds like fun !