Monday, 29 January 2018

using up my stash

I am using up my stash making hats for either the homeless or refugees.I can make one in an evening and have made ten already.I am using wool left over from my crocheted blankets and using DK two strands.It makes a nice chunky hat. I still can't load photos!I get to the same point each time and a page of computer gogglygook comes up and I can get no further.Can any one tell me a quick way of posting photos on blogger from my android phone? On Saturday we went to see the film "the Greatest Showman" about Barnum the circus guy.It was really good and I can recommend it.This Friday we are going to see the film The Darkest Hour about Churchill.This afternoon we have had walk at Ness Gardens.The snowdrops looked amazing.It poured down all morning so it was nice to see blue skies this afternoon . Back soon.Hopefully with photos.


  1. Your speed at making hats is impressive. I have working on one for my son, it took me several nights to get the knitting done, and now it has been sitting there waiting for me figure out how to finish. I wish I could help you with posting photos, but I have the same problem. I have an iPhone and cannot figure out how to post photos to my blog from it. It would be so much easier, eliminating the step of sending it to my laptop and posting from there.

  2. Hats are great stash-busters and are lovely to make because you can finish them so quickly, sorry I can't help with the photo's it must be so frustrating I wonder why blogger won't let you post them.