Wednesday, 17 January 2018

An update on my daughter and books.

Why are the younger generation reluctant to pick up the phone and speak?I had texts from my son in law but nothing from Sarah so having spent all morning worrying myself sick I texted her and said I am worried!It didn't help that a friend said to me this morning you don't die from flu but you can die from pneumonia.The problem is with S having Type 1 diabetes.We have had a couple of close shaves in the past with her and you realise what a slim grip we have on life.Eventually she picked up the phone and called.She sounded terrible,coughed all the time and is just very,very tired.The improvement is only slight but she assured me she is feeling a bit better each day but it is very slow progress.I felt better having spoken to her.Why is it that men never worry? back to my birthday.I had phone calls from my grandchildren,my son,my brother and various friends.I had lots of cards and as I said yesterday C had spoilt me rotten.As well as a Clogau gold bracelet I had DVDs,Cats,Evita and Phantom of the Opera and five books(not six).I am a great Ian McEwan fan and have most of his books but am a few missing.So he bought me The Innocent and Black Dogs.I am also a Philip Roth fan and he bought me Letting Go(eels 630 pages long) and Goodbye Columbus.He also bought me a book by Susan Hill.Jacob's Room is Full of Books.She charts a year of her life through the books she has read,re read or returned to.We also get a glimpse of her country life and anyone who read The Magic Apple Tree by her will want to read this one. Back soon.Good to hear from you Sarah.Hope married life is going well.Do you ever hear from Clare.I would love to know how she and the children are.


  1. Hello there! Glad to hear she is on the mend. We worry about them as grown up as they are, don't we! X

  2. You must have been relieved to speak to your daughter and that she is getting a little better every day. Love The Magic Apple Tree:)

  3. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. Regards the phone calls to grown up children - I often go to bed thinking, I should've phoned Mum. I hope you don't think me a bad person with these comments, some young people just don't like speaking on the phone (that's not me). In sorting driving lessons with my husband, pupils get their parents to speak on the phone and so a conversation goes back and forth. Very frustrating!
    For me - I don't particularly like sitting on the phone for an hour. It's free for 59 mins after hours. I've chatted with my parents before and even they agreed, they don't either. Yet, that's what we do. We share news, then Mum says, your Dad wants a quick word. I sigh as we repeat everything. I suppose it's cheaper than a visit and I really should ring more often but... It is nice to speak with them, though the conversation is limited as they don't do anything. Cathy x

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