Thursday, 29 October 2009


I love Autumn.I took this photo this afternoon.It is a 5 minute drive from our house and in" an area of outstanding beauty".It is very popular with walkers and families.We had planned a full day out today into Snowdonia but our plans went awry.We had bought a flat pack desk from Staples yesterday which needed assembling.The instruction sheet said it would take 2 people 1 hour.Ha! ha!It took us nearly an hour to sort all the bits out!Then another 3 hours to do.We thought we might have to call in our DIY friend but we managed it ourselves and it looks great but no trip to Snowdonia!
We should have gone to Cambridge last weekend but I ended up not going because I had a bad cold and cough whch was disappointing but I got a lot of knitting done.I have just finished another Dane shawl.A present for someone for Xmas.
I have joined the Debbie Abraham's Mystery Blanket Club 2010(at great expense but my husband egged me on).I think I have come to the limit on knitting socks and fancy a new challenge.
I am not sure how to alter my profile on the blog so am adding details here for the Secret Santa.I am very easy to please.My favourite colours are blue,pink,purple,red shades .I am not a green,brown, beige person.I am not allergic to anything except housework.I have pierced ears and wear silver jewellery.I love reading(not crime),gardening, crafts etc.I will appreciate anything that anyone chooses for me.

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