Monday, 16 November 2009

great weekend

It has been party weekend.Ruby was 2 on Saturday.Mum and Dad took her and older sister Emily to the zoo where it poured down!We went over in the afternoon with our presents and all went out to tea.We had bought her a dolls pram and a new doll.She only has Emily's cast offs.So I have spent last week making bedding and clothes for the above.The clothes are so fiddly to sew up.Ruby just loves playing with her dollies.Mind you saying that ,most of the time we were there on Saturday they spent playing in 2 huge cardboard boxes!
Sunday was special birthday for my older brother so we went up tp Blackpool to his daughter's and met up with all his family.17 sat down to lunch.It was great seeing my nieces and nephews.My brother's first wife died aged 32 when the children were 9,6 and 4 so we have a particular bond with them.He has since re married and had another son.
Now I have a bit of a problem.I have knitted a lace scarf for someone for xmas but when I came to block it an enormous amount of colour came out.Can I give someone a scarf where if it rains and gets wet the colour could ruin their clothes.I could try and set the dye with vinegar but would I ever get rid of the smell.Advice please.
Do you know I told you that I have signed up for the very,very expensive Debbie Abraham's blanket club starting January because I am having a knee op in Feb or March and it would be something for me to focus on.I had a phone call on Thursday to say I am now having the op on Dec 16th.Oops.It was a good excuse.So I shall be spending xmas on crutches this year.


  1. Sorry to hear about the scarf! When I went on a dying course once, we 'spritzed' the yarn with white vinegar from a spray bottle (although we did get it quite wet) and then wrapped the yarn in cling film and steamed it. I used an electric steamer I've got - the colour hasn't run and I can't say I've ever noticed a vinegary smell! Good luck with the knee op. At least you'll have an excuse to get waited on!

  2. I tried to post a comment last week but it seems to be lost in blogland!

    I wanted to say that I can always smell the vinegar (acid) smell when I knit with posh but after soaking for blocking it always goes away.

    Didn't you say you were going away as Christmas? That could be fun with crutches! Time to visit the stash and getting knitting (all in the sake of resting your knee). Actually I believe you have to make sure to do all of your exercises as it makes the recovery much quicker (just something some of my class ladies told me as 2 of them have had it done). Good luck!

  3. I've signed up for the Debbie Abrahams blanket club as well - very expensive blanket and the children will not be allowed anywhere near it once it's finished :) We'll have to keep each other updated on our progress :)

    Hope your knee op goes well - everything crossed for you