Thursday, 13 May 2010

photos-I hope!

Super colours.Our visit to Tatton NT yesterday.

Not as good as the zoo but at least you can stroke them.

Chicks in the hatchery.

The vegetable garden at Tatton NT.Ruby didn't like the scarecrows!

Now for some garden pictures.

I love the contrast of colours here.

Does anyone know what this is?This in another tiny pond on the patio.

Marsh marigolds at the edge of our tiny pond which is full of tadpoles at the moment.

Flowering cherry, dripping with blossom

Auriculsa-another favourite

I just love these double geraniums.


  1. Hi BeeJay, thanks so much for your comment on my blog :) The 'Freedom' painting is 7ins x 10ins. Beautiful photos! Is that your little granddaughter? I have one of a similar age. x

  2. Aaah, Ruby is so cute - and scare crows are scarry when you are that small!

    Love the plants and flowers - sorry not sure what the one in the pot is except it does look a bit like reeds (are the stems hollow?). Double geraniums and auriculas are so pretty I think you have lots of my favourites their. Only thing that you are missing is my other 2 favourites Passion flowers and fushia's.

    Thank you for a lovely spring time feast of flowers - really cheery especially as today is grey and overcast here.

  3. Great photos - the first one is very pretty with your little grandaughter in pink against the bushes in the background. I also like the photos of the auricula and geraniums - gorgeous colours.

  4. Hi Barbara, thanks so much for your message about the Freedom Painting. The listing on Ebay's finished now without a buyer and I was going to relist it but if you like I could hang on to it for you and sell it at a fixed price? My email address is jessicastride(at) if you'd like to contact me directly. Thanks so much :) xx