Tuesday, 4 May 2010

A busy few days!

Thursday was Emily's 5th birthday.We went over for a party tea and birthday cake.And of course we had to have pass the parcel and dancing.We bought her ,among other things, a digital camera.Within minutes she had got the hang of it and was taking brill photos.It was her favourite present,even better than the bike from mum and dad.

Friday I had coffee in the morning with my best friend and then off again to sarah's.It was Emily's proper party.S had hired a village hall and engaged an entertainer.The hall had tyo be set up and i still have the bruises to prove how heavy the chairs were.The entertainer was brilliant.Mainly a magician but he entertained 30 ,yes 30,children for two hours.He also did all these balloon creations.Absolutely fabulous.Poor Grandpa couldn't go because a lot of these children could be hatching chicken pox.I stayed and looked after Ruby who found it all a bit too much,but I got lots of cuddles.

Saturday saw the arrival of our and his 3 children from cambridge(Jude had to stay and get a project done).After lunch we had a walk at loggerheads and an ice cream.

Sunday sarah and family joined us. We ate out at lunchtime and then went to the bailey Hill festival in our town.Quite a low key affair but something to do.Following that we went to the Art Exhibition in the parish church where Grandpa had entered a painting.Then there 10 of us here for tea!

Monday morning we had a country walk looking for fossils.The kids love being outdoors and walking(and playing endlessly with Lego) and living in Cambridge love our hills.The garden took a huge bashing with football ertc but who cares we had a great 5 days.

WE are absolutely shattered and have a huge pile of washing and ironing to do.

Finally we went back to the exhibition this afternoon.We bought two paintings and C discovered he had sold his painting.He is so chuffed!!!

Bye for now.


  1. Gosh that sounds like a busy weekend. You must be enjoying the peace and quiet today!
    I know the Loggerheads walk really well - as we took school parties there for years from Colomendy.
    In fact I had a meal in the Loggerheads about three weeks ago, as one of our friends lives in Maeshafn. Very good it was too!
    Love Kathy xxx

  2. Wow you were so busy and also so near to me! Loggerheads is about 15 minutes from us - did you come through Audlem to get there?

    You must be so proud that your husband sold his painting!

    Hope you are recovering from your very busy time, I think some quiet knitting could be in order!

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.