Tuesday, 29 June 2010

losing my mojo

I am going to have a go at some crocheting.I have found a pattern from when my daughter was little for a crocheted waistcoat so I am trying it out tonight while the football is on.The price on the pattern says 10p!if only that were still the same.I forgot to say it will be for my 2yr old granddaughter.It is done in motifs so I can mix the colours.
I never throw patterns away and have some priced in old money.Now that really does date me!If I do a few motifs tonight then I can show them to Sarah tomorrow.It is hair cutting day tomorrow.The lovely Rachel comes to our house and sorts us all out.


  1. I never throw patterns away either and it's amazing how the same styles come back around again isn't it? I really feel the need to knit at the moment but can't think of woolly garments in this weather! xx

  2. I have sent you an invite to the crochet group on Ravelry! It is English coutry garden cal. Hope you like it. I am just blocking the golden tilia now so pics soon!