Monday, 28 June 2010

My mojo

I've lost my knitting mojo.I have just finished another matilda shawl.It is huge!!
Now I don't know what to do next.I'm fed up of knitting scarves,shawls and socks.
Any suggestions?I have a stash of 2ply and 4 ply.


  1. What about a spot of crochet? I have loved the NDS crochet along flowers thing - it is not too late to join and sock yarn is perfect. Just a thought anyway - the crochet shawl items on the NDS web site are lovely to do as well and you can do a motif or too and then go off and do something else if you want to. Make a change from knitting!

  2. How about a challenge? For instance you could knit yourself a cardigan or a jumper in 4ply - it would take ages but just think of the detail you could include.

  3. Fair Isle! That's the answer! Love Vanessa xxx