Sunday, 15 August 2010


Our visit to Tatton.If there is nowhere to sit Grandma's feet are better than the floor!Two very tired little girls.
One of the lovely beds at Tatton.

This was fun.I love carousels.

These are two of the sculptures,part of the 2010 Biennial at tatton Park.We thought the rocking horse was amazing.

We also went in the maze and sussed it out this time.Last time we couldn't find our way out but all mazes have a pattern and we knew what it was this time.

Two recently finished projects.

Cotton mix Regia 4ply.Very nice to wear in the summer with trainers.

This is the latest shawl.The pattern is Miranda and the yarn is Manos lace from Uruguay.70%baby alpaca,25% silk and 5% cashmere.It is so soft and gorgeous.I bought this yarn from Stash in Chester.
We did get our walk today at Colwyn Bay.It was lovely and warm and we actually came home and sat in the garden.The first time for weeks.I think that was probably our summer.


  1. Tatton is a great place to visit! I once took a school party into the maze - big mistake!!!
    We could hear them but couldn't get to them!!!
    Your shawl is so beautiful - really delicate!
    We've had a lovely day here too , actually warm and sunny. Let's hope it stays like this fora while!
    Love Kathy xxx

  2. Lovely shawl and great socks.