Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Hmm-that's interesting!

Our daughter and granddaughter were over today for hair cutting.The lovely Rachel comes to our house and deals with the three of us.After lunch we popped out and on coming back onto the drive a little voice (Ruby aged 3) was heard to say " hmm-that's interesting",her very words!She thought the three flowers above were all the same plant.I think that is quite good for three.We had to explain about the different plants and they had different leavesShe doesn't start school until Sept 2012 which is such a shame.She can already read a dozen words,write her name ,do one to one counting to ten and hold very adult conversations.We think she is very bright but we might be biased!.Unfortunately since then the flowers have been battered by rain.I should have taken the photo at the time.Such a shame.
On Saturday Ruby was presented with a certificate and a £10 Hobbycraft voucher for coming a runner up in an art competition held in Cheshire.650pictures were entered and Ruby came in the top 15.Her photo is going to be in Cheshire Life magazine.On Sunday Emily,6,was presented with her medal and certificate for passing her ballet exam.We went along to this-3 hours of little ones doing their exam pieces with some Zumba thrown in.Em was in her element doing ballet and two lots of Zumba.Sarah was a very proud Mum this weekend(and we were proud grandparents).Yesterday saw us going to our Social History group to hear the county Archeologist (that doesn't look right)talk about hill forts in our area.Very interesting.The afternoon saw me having coffee with a friend and C going to his French Conversation group.
Craft wise-I am up to date with my Spriteling Shawl KAL-its not perfect',my Debbie Abraham Blanket project and myJane Crowfoot Crochet Blanket.I have knitted about 12" of a cashmere scarf which will be Xmas present for a close friend and am part way through a pair of socks.I have treated myself to Jane Brocket's new book-The Gentle Art of Knitting,hoping there will be some interesting things to make.her books are always lovely.


  1. You are always so busy! I don't think my time management skills are up to retirement - good job I've got a few years in me yet!

  2. Busy busy beejay .... you never stop. I thought retirement was for slowing down!

  3. Those Peonies are lovely, mine isn't out yet but I have lots of buds waiting to open! I have managed to tie them up early this year so they should hopefully stay upright when they open! I am so impressed that you are up to date on all your kals, thankfully I only have the one or I would be in a pickle! Sx

  4. That would make you smile - I love it when little ones say things like that out of the blue and in the right context. Your peonies are lovely and the talk on hill forts sounds just my cup of tea:)