Wednesday, 11 May 2011

She's bereft.I'm bereft!

A few weeks ago C decided he would cut down the ivy which relentlessly was always racing towards the guttering at the back of the house.He sawed the bottom main stems off and then noticed he was being watched.A blackbird sat on a nest.She was unpeturbed by all the sawing and shaking.Work was stopped.We decided she was a single mother because there was no sign of Mr Blackbird.She sat and sat and sat.Eventually the eggs hatched and Mr Blackbird returned and they shared the feeding between them.It has been fascinating watching,seeing three little beaks getting bigger and higher in the nest.And then this morning they were gone.She has spent all day walking up and down the lawn, stopping and listening.We presume they have just flown the nest.Does anyone know if she will come back to the same nest again and have another brood?Our interest now shifts to another nest in the ivy round the corner of the house.There we have a wren's nest which is very exciting.



  1. It is so sad when they leave the nest, we had one while we were in Norfolk and both Mum and Dad were busy feeding for days and then the next thing was they were flying about making a terrible noise for hours and we couldn't work out if the babies had flown or something had got them. Good luck with the wrens, they are my favourite and I always feel lucky when I see them.

  2. Don't know the answer to that, but I know how she feels when they all leave the nest ... just walking up and down, stopping and listening ... I did that a bit myself!