Sunday, 12 February 2012

What a sweetie!

This is Ruby,4,our youngest grandchild.We looked after her on Thursday and Friday while Mummy did two days supply teaching.Here she is at our house having a great painting session.She is such a good girl and no trouble at all.We had hoped to get her out for a walk but it was soooo cold she refused point blank to leave the house and suggested I went on my own and she would stay with Grandpa.I don't blame her it was perishing!We took her back each day in time to pick big sister Emily up from school.
There are celebrations in our house.Wales have just beaten Scotland in the Six Nations Rugby.I watched it until half timewhen the score was 3-3.I went to do my welsh home work and when I came back it was 27-6!Our son was actually at the match with five friends who are Scotland supporters so he will be feeling pretty pleased.I actually managed to do some sock knitting while the game was on with Ziggy asleep next to me.That is the first knitting since we have had him that has been done with him in the room.


  1. Your wee granddaughter is very cute and I bet he had fun painting. She was quite right to stay home with her grandpa. Well done Wales on a good match - I didn't watch it but what a score!!!

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    1. Stay in the warm and get creative .... or go out and freeze? I'm with your grand-daughter on that one! Thanks for your good wishes today. xC