Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Bodnant Garden.N.Wales

 We went to Bodnant on Saturday.This is a wonderful garden to visit,especially at this time of the year.Azalea and rhododendron time.So I am just sharing a few photos.
 No idea what happened to this one!
 What a great view.This clematis was the most wonderful shade of pink.
Another great view.Bodnant has a new(about 5 yrs ago) Head Gardener and he has made so many improvements and done masses of new planting.It is going from strengh to strengh.


  1. That looks very pretty with all of that lovely colour. The backdrop of the hills looks stunning too.
    With regards to your comment on my post about going on Womans and Home forums - I've had a look at them but not commented on them. Sometmes I have been tempted but I decided against it - not sure why. In fact there was a comment recently about a book club starting up in this area which quite interested me.
    Do you comment on any of them?

  2. Lovely. We must go there when we visit Rhuddlan next.

  3. Lovely! It must be four or five years since we visited Bodnant, I feel another visit is in order quite soon:)