Sunday, 20 May 2012

Ziggy on the roof!!

On Friday Ziggy,our 7 month old kitten, discovered he could get on the roof.We live in a bungalow but with a very high pitched roof .We had a re enactment of Hitchcock's The Birds.There were about 30 crows circling him and making the most almighty racket.He went up at 9am and it was 6pm when we finally coached him down.His only was was to jump onto a flat roof at the back and then take a running leap on to the patio table.Has he learnt his lesson.No.This was him 10 minutes ago and he is still up there.His other trick is to go and sit in the middle of the road.We don't live on a main road but we have a lot of passing traffic.Should we take him back to the cat rescue and get him a safer place to live?What do you think?
Is it just my imagination or do most of us crafters on here have either cats or dogs?


  1. Cats are very much individual personalities - they do what they want to do, whether or not you think they should do it. Whereas dogs can be trained to behave and are very much sociable animals. Guess you've got yourself a real character there and it's probably unlikely that he could be found anywhere that could be considered "safer" as he'll just find something else to scare his owners with. I think it comes down more to whether or not you feel you can cope with his daredevil nature. He may well settle down a bit as he gets older - now he's just enjoying life.

  2. We had a cat, many moons ago, who used to frighten me to death by sitting on the top of our roof!!!
    Yes, I think you're right, we all seem to have cats or dogs ... does that say something about crafters?
    By the way .... I noticed your comment over at Snoops blog .... good luck to your daughter for the dreaded Ofsted!

  3. Oh dear, good luck with getting him down. Cats know their own mind and won't be persuaded to do otherwise in my experience! Younger cats are always a bit adventurous. Has he been neutered? That often helps too. (And if he has been, just think how much worse he might have been!!)

  4. I agree with all the other comments. Cats very much have their own personalities. We have five cats and I do a headcount every morning to see that they are all safe and well! One of our cats used to climb onto roofs but now that he's much older the higher he seems to climb is onto the sofa or a warm windowsill!

  5. Well I'm a dog owner who doesn't know much about cats but here people are encouraged to keep their cats inside to safe guard the birds and other wildlife. The only pets that ever get hit by cars here are cats as dogs are not allowed to wander and sitting in the middle of the road certainly makes him a sitting duck/cat doesn't it.
    Seems now he's learnt how to get on and off the roof you'll never stop him.
    Good Luck !!

  6. We took on our two cats (brother and sister)sixteen years ago, when they were a year old, from a family who wanted them re-homed as they used to wander out and sit in the road. It was quite a busy road though and it was a hard decision for them to make. He'll be fine on the roof and find his way up and down but I would worry about the road. He will settle down in a year or two but whilst he is young and fearless it is a worry for you:)

  7. I agree. Cats do have individual personalities, as well as dogs. They are like us who have their own attitudes to share. I’ve had quite a number of dogs and they all have their own quirks to share, and can be a source of our happiness. Anyway, roofs seem to be a cat’s haven. Based on research, cats climb up high places to seek refuge from possible threats.

    Galliena Gornet