Tuesday, 10 July 2012

I've just bought an i pad.Help!

I have just bought an i pad.Have you any suggestions for craft apps or any apps that might be useful.I quite like playing games so ideas for that would be good too.I am a bit concerned that all this technology takes away so many things we have treasured.We are about to go off to France for a week and we always take scrabble,boggle,cards etc.We could just play on the i pad but that wouldn't be the same so I think it will stay at home!I think I just have to prove to my family that I am not past it and can deal with an i pad and a kindle.Am I wrong?


  1. Tony and I play "Words with Friends" at night while we watch TV. He on the ipad and me on my phone. It's just Scrabble the new way. I also play with my son and his partner in Sydney and friends all over the place. I love it and have about 15 games on the go.

  2. I'm sure you will get lots of pleasure from your ipad once you get used to it and you could download books to it and use it like a kindle. I'd never played any computer games until we bought a Hercule Poirot game which we have enjoyed playing. Hope you have a lovely holiday in France:)

  3. Can't help there as am a bit of a Luddite where these things are concerned. Have enjoyed your previous posts ... weather is incredibly terrible isn't it? How much more can we take?? Your Spanish pictures provided a little light relief though! xCathy

  4. I can't help either as I'm resisting a lot of technology - but for how long I don't know ...!

    Have a lovely holiday in France. Spain looked wonderful too. Lucky girl!


  5. Lovely to discover your blog and much luck with your ipad. I have one too, and enjoy how portable it is. Have not set mine up with apps yet, but look forward to using it more.